A New Record: Spoofed Calls Surge 15% In October, According To RoboKiller

The number of spoofed spam calls skyrocketed in October according to data insights from RoboKiller, the app that eliminates 99% of spam calls and text messages. An astounding 47% of spam calls in October originated from spoofed caller IDs, marking a 15% spike from September and the third consecutive month-over-month increase.

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Spoofed Call Rates Underscore STIR/SHAKEN’s Slow Start

Now four months since its implementation, the FCC’s anti-spoofing framework has yet to make a universal impact. October marked the third consecutive monthly increase in spoofed spam calls (+3% in August, +4% in September, and +15% in October).

Despite Influx of Spoofed Spam Calls, Overall Spam is Down

RoboKiller observed a 10% decrease in spam calls in October (the first monthly decrease since July) along with an 8% dip in spam texts. Even so, consumers still received an estimated 5.9 billion unwanted calls and 7.5 billion unwanted texts.

Of Note: Job Offer-Related Spam Calls Soar

Job offer-related spam calls increased by 58% in October. This is likely a result of increased job openings amid “The Great Resignation.” Although a new job offer is exciting, consumers should be wary of text messages from unknown numbers containing links, offering incentives, or asking for personal information.

October 2021 Key Phone Scam Trends

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Top Text Scams Nationwide:

Spam Text Category

Estimated Spam Texts

% of Total Spam Texts

Amazon, UPS & Other Delivery









Top Phone Scams Nationwide:

Robocall Scam Category

Estimated Spam Calls

% of Total Robocalls

Robocall Examples

Vehicle Warranty



Listen to Scam Recording

Social Security



Listen to Scam Recording




Listen to Scam Recording

*All audio examples are phone scams blocked and audio fingerprinted by RoboKiller