Allant Group and Aginity Announce Landmark Strategic Partnership


Collaboration To Accelerate Value For Clients’ Marketing Efforts Through Analytics

Allant Group, a nationally recognized, data-driven analytics firm, announced a partnership with Aginity, a leader in enterprise analytics management software. The partnership accelerates Allant’s ability to develop analytics in a fraction of the time, allowing customers to share Allant’s proprietary analytics across a range of applications to drive more personalized customer engagements across marketing channels and customer touchpoints for clients in retail, consumer products, financial services and other industries.

Previously, up to nine months might elapse from data set-up to analytic insights in support of marketing decisions. With this partnership, such insights can be in market in a matter of weeks.

Gaurav Issar
Gaurav Issar

“Combining the power of Allant’s OneTouch real-time data enrichment APIs with the Aginity Amp solution places us in a unique position to help clients fully leverage analytic solutions to advance their marketing objectives. We found Aginity to be the only technology provider that allows our analytics to be easily reused across the organization, which not only speeds time to customer insights but also ensures that a single point of truth is presented through marketing automation and reporting applications,” Gaurav Issar, CEO of Allant Group said.

Tzaras Christon
Tzaras Christon

Analytic reuse enables analysts to share and build upon each other’s work enterprise-wide, explained Tzaras Christon, CEO, Aginity. “At scale, our customers have reduced time to market up to 90% while ensuring that analytic results are consistent in every application across organizational and geographic lines,” Christon said.

“Aginity’s industry-leading customers have benefited from greater analytic efficiency and consistency when designing programs to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value. Our partnership with Allant leverages their deep set of capabilities in marketing analytics, enabling customers to share them within and across organizations,” Christon continued.

Aginity Amp is a solution that enables businesses to create, catalog and manage all analytics as assets which then become reusable across the enterprise. This can reduce analytics-related operational costs by as much as 90% and deliver 10x-100x improvements in efficiency through analytic reuse.

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