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NetLine Corporation Introduces Real-time Dynamic Reporting and Interactive Data Visualization Tools
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NetLine Corporation Introduces Real-time Dynamic Reporting and Interactive Data Visualization Tools

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Innovations Bring Enhanced Reporting Capabilities and Visibility to Customers

NetLine Corporation announced the release of several advanced features on its Portal lead generation platform. This latest release of Portal updates includes new Real-time Dynamic Reporting, Impressions Reports, and the ability to generate leads for Live Events. These enhancements allow self-serve and full-service clients to quickly and confidently optimize their lead generation campaigns with greater variation in content offerings and interactive traffic reports as part of the continuous innovation of NetLine’s Portal capabilities.

Real-time Dynamic Reporting makes it easier than ever to understand campaign performance. Delivering data in a visual dashboard, clients can quickly absorb information and convert metrics into tactics. Unlike traditional static-based reports, marketers can interact with data elements for deeper analysis, customize reporting configurations, and benefit from interactive data visualization tools, such as dynamic pivot tables and heatmaps. Another feature of the enhancement provides the capability to drill down on prospect data instantly by viewing in-market prospects without having to navigate outside of the report. The user’s custom configurations can be saved for future analysis, making it faster and simpler to stay up-to-date on campaign performance and leads.

Enhancements also include the release of a dedicated Impression Report. This report delivers a comprehensive view of impressions and audience engagement outside the scope of the lead profile. Understanding the discrete syndication footprint of a campaign will provide marketers with the ability to quickly quantify the net-reach and scale of their content; this provides insight well beyond the final output of the prospects engaging with and downloading their content. Being able to visually interpret which assets are most efficiently yielding qualified prospects will directly aid in timely campaign optimization and the refinement of content placement.

On the release of the enhancements, NetLine CEO and Founder, Robert Alvin discussed the value of innovation in an industry that relies so heavily upon audience behavior and data. “This is an exciting release as we continue to empower marketers through innovation. Content-based lead generation requires an always-on and data-centric approach to truly understand campaign performance. The increased visibility into behavior with the Portal means marketers have more insight and control over how content works for their brand and what is truly driving their business forward.”

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