Healthline Media’s Attribute: A Groundbreaking First-Party Data Platform Optimizing Advertisers’ Performance

Largest health information publisher offers targeted solutions for health and wellness advertisers with content-driven, first-party data platform

Healthline Media, the trusted leader in health and wellness information, announced enhancements to its innovative first-party data platform, Attribute. Through audience targeting capabilities, Attribute leverages proprietary insights of engaged, action-oriented health and wellness audiences to help advertisers make more informed decisions and deliver personalized health, wellness, and pharma advertising experiences.

In a world where data privacy concerns and pending cookie deprecation loom large, Healthline Media takes the lead with Attribute by offering a range of cookie-free solutions that connect advertisers to targeted health and wellness audiences at scale. The platform boasts a comprehensive suite of high-intent audience segmentation, predictive models and purpose-built personas, creating new and innovative ways to drive impactful marketing solutions.

“Through our deep consumer trust, audience scale and trove of high quality health and wellness content, we can build razor sharp custom targeting segments that optimize advertisers’ performance,” said Josh Moffett, senior director of data at Healthline Media. “Attribute allows us to leverage a rich set of data, based on billions of first-party data signals, essential for the platform’s unparalleled effectiveness.”

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The development of Attribute was driven by the need to navigate the challenges posed by cookie deprecation and evolving privacy regulations. With Attribute, Healthline Media harnesses insights and identifiers informed by first-party data signals, enabling advertisers to precisely target their health-focused audiences directly and efficiently without the use of cookies. The platform reduces reliance on third-party data, offering advertisers the peace of mind that even with inevitable cookie deprecation, future-proof solutions in the health and wellness space are attainable.

The enhancement of Attribute’s foundational products marks a significant step in revolutionizing advertisers’ targeting abilities in the health and wellness space, empowering them to reach engaged health and wellness audiences with precision and efficacy. Attribute reinforces Healthline Media’s commitment to delivering evidence-based solutions and influencing healthy actions for upwards of 74 million people worldwide.

Healthline Media drives wellbeing forward, leading 74 million people to take action and improve their lives every month. With our depth of insight, we meet people where they are in their personal health journeys and connect them with medically evidenced content, communities, and solutions when they need it most.

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