Limetree Announces Strategic Parnership With Triggerpoint, Revolutionazing the Intersection of Behaviorial Science and Marketing

Today’s consumer makes over 35,000 decisions a day. Social media and endless streams of content are causing information overload, making it harder for marketers to break through, until now.

Limetree, an agency that combines market-leading behavioral data, science, design, and technology to make a customer’s behaviors actionable, has announced a strategic partnership with TriggerPoint, behavioral research and design consultancy specializing in identifying & influencing the neurological and psychological factors driving consumer decision making. Together, they have mastered how to use science to help marketers design more impactful marketing activations.

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“Now, we know the partnership and approach work. We’ve implemented and proven it in market, driving significant lift in key marketing performance metrics,” says Tom Rouse, Limetree Founder and President. “Over the last 18 months, we’ve been able to improve response rates as much as 30% while driving significant cost decreases versus more traditional approaches.”

Limetree and TriggerPoint’s collaborative approach is one that allows marketers to effectively identify their top prospects and better understand their behaviors with data that informs neurological and psychological factors. These deeper insights are used to build creative that leverages decision sciences and behavioral economics, cutting through consumers’ non-conscious filters and getting them into a decision-making state. Clients benefit from proven behavioral marketing approaches that are actively updated over a campaign that is based on analytics that seeks maximum performance while avoiding costly risks.

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“I’m incredibly excited to deepen our partnership and collaboration with Limetree,” says TriggerPoint Founder & President William Leach. “Our shared passion for applying the latest in behavioral science and analytics to optimize marketing for our clients make us perfect partners to bring the promise of science-based marketing to life. I look forward to working together to arm marketers with new tools and tactics to compete and win with today’s consumer.”

Leach, whose book “Marketing to Mindstates” will be released later this month, will now serve as Chief Science Advisor at Limetree.

“This partnership with Will and the TriggerPoint team recognized our success and shared the desire to expand our data, analytics and technology initiatives,” adds Rouse. “It’s an exciting time, and I’m looking forward to bringing the benefits of our combined efforts to marketers.”

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