Cellebrite Arms Forensic Examiners with Unparalleled Access and Analysis of Digital Evidence

Cellebrite Introduces New Extraction Capabilities in UFED Ultimate, Allowing for Robust Examination from Key New Sources in a Single Environment, Complimentary Inclusion of Public Social Media Data via UFED Cloud Analyzer

Cellebrite, the leading provider of digital intelligence solutions, has introduced a comprehensive upgrade to its portfolio of offerings to provide examiners with new capabilities that provide unrivaled access to evidence from locked or encrypted mobile devices via UFED Ultimate. In addition, by providing a complimentary UFED Cloud Analyzer public domain product license available to all active UFED Ultimate customers, teams can enrich digital examinations with rapid access to public social media data.

With the enhanced analysis capabilities in Cellebrite Analytics Desktop — available with UFED Ultimate UFED Cloud Analyzer as part of the UFED Pro Series suite — Cellebrite’s newest enhancements enable examiners to perform extraction, analysis, and case review of digital evidence from mobile, public social media, and private cloud sources in a single solution.

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Improved extraction capabilities within UFED Ultimate give examiners intimate contact with data from locked and encrypted mobile devices, featuring new and exclusive tools that enable forensic examiners to:

  • Harness an automatic EDL capability to bypass locks to extract and decrypt physical data from several leading Android OS-based devices using Qualcomm chipsets using a Decrypting Boot Loader.
  • Unlock screens on some of the most popular and advanced Samsung Android-OS smartphones and tablets, including Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, J7, J5, A7, A5 and more.
  • Use Smart ADB to perform physical extraction on unlocked Android OS devices running 6.0 up to 7.1.1.

With Cellebrite’s announcement of providing complimentary access to its state-of-the-art Cloud Analyzer, examiners can rapidly access public social media and cloud-based data. Practitioners can quickly reveal evidence hiding in plain sight on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by automatically extracting and preserving public-domain forensically-sound data in one workflow without a warrant to:

  • Obtain location information, profiles, media files, and communications.
  • Eliminate the time consuming, manual process of gathering, organizing and viewing disparate public cloud sources.

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In order to better address the needs of forensic examiners who also investigate cases or must support the investigative team with analysis or case review, Cellebrite is also introducing new usability improvements to Analytics Desktop. Updated features support additional media classification categories, UI improvements and a more streamlined workflow from UFED Physical Analyzer that will help examiners dig through data faster to surface and capture relevant evidence to help address growing areas of crime, such as homicide, terrorism, border security, organized crime, and child exploitation.

Digital forensic practitioners can now build stronger cases by deploying a UFED Pro Series solution that combines the powerful capabilities of UFED Ultimate, UFED Cloud Analyzer and Analytics Desktop to analyze data from multiple devices, public and private cloud and other digital sources.

Cellebrite Arms Forensic Examiners with Unparalleled Access and Analysis of Digital Evidence
Ron Serber

“This new solution enables examiners to strengthen cases through superior access to more device and public social media data while ensuring that it is obtained in a forensically sound method. As agencies face growing challenges from encryption and backlog, the innovation and breadth of our UFED solutions help examiners access the inaccessible and streamline the lab workflow to help break more cases faster,” said Ron Serber, Global Co-CEO of Cellebrite.

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