CXInfinity Launches Co-Browsing Solution For Increased Customer Experience

Today customers expect more than just a chat. They seek instant assistance with software upload/download, form filling, online transactions, and more. To answer this need of time, CXInfinity launched a Co-browsing solution. CXInfinity is an AI-driven digital omnichannel contact center solution.

CXInfinity Co-browse is like ‘show and tell’ your business to the customers. The company has designed the solution to allow companies to guide their customers in real-time. It makes your agent capable of viewing customer’s screens in real-time and guides them whenever they are stuck with downloads, form filling, product demo and installation, and more. Carrying forward the concept of real-time engagement, co-browse allows you to interact with customers when and where needed.

Co-browsing finds its importance at various places and in numerous activities, including online account management, application form filling, credit applications, making payments, product walkthroughs, and more.

The company assures its powerful co-browsing capability will streamline services with everything on a unified agent desktop that allows the agent to view customer data and co-browsing sessions simultaneously. It will enable quicker query resolution, more lead conversion, subsequently making clients happy. It does not call for additional downloads that can annoy and drop customers. Additionally, your agents and customers can access on-screen controls for smoother interaction.

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CXInfinity made sure that there no compromise on the privacy end. It allows secure streaming with data masking, encrypted connections, and audio/video recording to reinforce accountability. The company assures that businesses will be able to offer exceptional customer service for happier customers.

Amit Gandhi, CEO, CXInfinity, and NovelVox, says, “In-person communication can never be compromised or substituted. So, we wanted our customers not to limit to chat but step further with co-browsing. It is secure and private. Without any download or plug-in, the businesses will be able to connect with their customers over simple browsing sessions. Our co-browsing solution creates one-on-one support for any industry and application, including Banking, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, SaaS, Transportation, Education, FinTech, and more. With powerful integrations and AI in place, co-browsing will raise customer satisfaction, reduce support cost, increase revenue and optimize agent performance all while improving CX for the brand.”

CXInfinity is a one-stop, single-box solution that comes with easy installation. Its quick implementation allows you to go live in no time.

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