Frontegg Goes Passwordless to lead by Example on User Management

The company is both making passwordless the default login method for its customers, and allowing SaaS products utilizing the platform to enable it for their users

Frontegg, the leading end-to-end user management platform for SaaS, announced  the addition of passwordless to its supported authentication options. The release allows SaaS companies utilizing Frontegg in their products to improve security standards for their users, while combating password fatigue and other security threats.

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Nearly 60% of SaaS consumers currently use the same password across multiple apps, leading to a wide range of security risks. With the rising number of data breaches leading to massive password leaks, password reuse can result in an end-user being compromised on a given platform, even if the platform has taken all necessary precautions. Additionally, passwords introduce login friction and stand in the way of a seamless user experience in the signup and login process.

“Passwords need to be phased out from the SaaS space,” explained Sagi Rodin, Co-Founder and CEO of Frontegg. “While B2C companies are already embracing passwordless, B2B companies are falling behind. B2B users are also customers and we see it as our mission to bring the security, usability and productivity benefits of passwordless authentication into their daily lives. Needless to say, the exposure risk imposes a threat not only on the personal level, but on the organization as a whole. The stakes are higher than ever.”

Frontegg offers a robust login box with a comprehensive self-serve admin portal, empowering end-users with admin privileges to decide on their own organizational login strategy. Additionally, by addressing all frontend and backend user management needs with an easily integrated solution, developers can focus on what matters most — their core technology. The company is embracing the transition to passwordless by making it the default authentication method for customers logging in to the Frontegg account management portal.

“We constantly strive to evolve and promote self-service and product-led growth,” said Aviad Mizrachi, Co-Founder and CTO of Frontegg. “Besides embracing the proven and tested passwordless methodology as our new default authentication option, we have made a series of upgrades to our end-to-end user management suite to create a seamless user management experience for our customers.”

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