Optimove Introduces Streams to Measure Impact of Marketing Campaign Series on Consumer Behavior

New Feature Allows Marketers to Take Experimentation to the Next Level by Comparing Results From Sequences of Customer Campaigns

Optimove, the Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub, announced the launch of its new Streams feature, which empowers marketers to create easily comparable communication streams to determine which one is better for growing the business over the long term. Streams will be available to all Optimove customers — which include Unilever, Paul Stuart and Lucky Vitamin — beginning January 23rd.

Optimove Streams is a step above simple A/B testing or comparing two single campaigns, and arms marketers with a long-term view of how their strategies will influence customer behavior. It will give smart, experimental marketers data on how a sequence of messages compares to another combination of communications, so that they can design winning acquisition and retention strategies for that specific target group. This feature also helps marketers solve the age-old attribution dilemma, and empowers them to match results directly back to specific strategies. Unlike other solutions on the market that allow sequenced testing on select, disparate channels only, marketers will be able to apply Streams to multiple communications channels, testing series of messages on email, social media or mobile.

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Optimove Streams can help marketers get answers to everyday questions like:

  • Which customer journeys lead to the highest conversion rate?
  • What is the best order in which to send a set of onboarding campaigns?
  • What is the total impact of my campaigns on my business?
  • What is the best series of communications for a new target market?
  • Are my efforts resulting in short-term revenue at the expense of customer lifetime value?

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“In today’s world, marketing is powered as much by technology as creativity, and Streams allows smart marketers to experiment with new ideas more nimbly, so they can continue to focus on the creative aspects of their job,” said Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove. “Experimentation in marketing used to mean testing a single message or a few messages on a consumer and then analyzing those results; Streams will help scale that effort and give marketers accurate, much-needed answers to their questions far more quickly than previously possible, so they can move forward with fresh, fail-proof ideas with more confidence and speed.”

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