CData Software, a leading provider of standards-based drivers and data access solutions for real-time data integration, today announced that Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform and a Salesforce company, has selected CData to expand their connectivity offerings. CData’s broad portfolio of data connectivity solutions will enable Tableau customers to connect to the critical cloud applications and data sources that power their businesses.

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The shift to cloud and hybrid-cloud infrastructure has led to growing challenges across data management. As organizations shift their infrastructure to the cloud, data is becoming increasingly fragmented and decentralized. At the same time, customers depend on real-time access to data across all of the systems and tools that power their business in order to deliver actionable insights.

Dedicated to simplifying the way applications work with data, CData delivers an extensive array of data connectivity solutions that help overcome common data fragmentation challenges and unlock value from diverse and dispersed data assets. CData’s standards-based solutions streamline data access and insulate applications from the complexities of integrating data. Combining best-in-class data connectivity from CData with Tableau’s leading analytics and data management solutions will enable customers to make data-driven decisions based on real-time data from more than 250 popular enterprise data sources, including on-premise and cloud applications, relational & NoSQL databases and data warehouses, APIs, file formats and more.

“CData has been a data-connectivity partner for Tableau for several years – they simplify our ability to support integration with the data sources our customers care about,” said Kirk Law, senior vice president of product development, Tableau. “We love innovating with companies like CData to help extend our data connectivity options.”

From the Fortune 500 and the Global 2000 to SMEs worldwide, thousands of organizations rely on CData connectivity to overcome data fragmentation and unlock value from diverse, dispersed data assets. Leading vendors across SaaS, data management, integration, analytics & BI, data science, data testing, AI & machine learning, and data governance embed CData connectivity to solve data access, data management and data integration challenges.

Breadth of connectivity, security and performance were critical factors to Tableau’s selection of CData. Future CData connectors will further extend Tableau’s capabilities by providing fast, secure access to enterprise SaaS, relational and NoSQL data for analysis.

“Leading vendors across almost every facet of data management embed our high-performance connectivity to solve their data access and integration challenges,” said Amit Sharma, CEO, CData. “Through this partnership, we are excited to bring that same CData connectivity to one of the most popular platforms for business, providing customers with fully-integrated live data access directly from Tableau”

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