Agile Marketing Software and How They Help Marketing and Sales Teams

Collectively identifying the high-value projects for the organization and strategically working on them as a team rests at the core of Agile Marketing. 

Agile marketing teams use SPRINTS (short, finite periods of intensive work) to accomplish their projects in a cooperative way. After each Sprint, they measure the impact of the project, understand the areas of improvement and rigorously work to make things better in the future. 

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These agile teams are also capable to determine that a project was not valuable and it should not be repeated. Agile marketing is popular these days because it accepts failures and the team learns from the lesson and stays ready to deliver better on future projects. The following are the imbibed values of an agile marketing team: 
  • Responding to change and follow a plan

  • Numerous small experiments to get the work done

  • Collaboration over competition

  • In-person interaction 

  • Testing and data over opinions 

Agile Marketing is turning out to be very successful for marketing teams. The following are some of the top agile marketing tools that your team should look forward to. 

  1. JIRA

JIRA is one of the most popular agile tools. The software started as a bug and issue tracking system, today it has turned into a task management, team collaboration and various reporting features. While you have JIRA at hand, you can easily manage a variety of different projects at one time, and the same can be configured for unique workflows and processes. The power of the software lies in its flexibility and integrations. 

  • Taiga

Taiga is in our list because it is an award-winning, open-source agile project management tool built to streamline and simplify agile project management. The functionality of the software is focused on Kanban and Scrum with the capabilities of product backlogs with sprints, user stories and epics. This software tool is evolving rapidly and the suite includes bug tracking, gamification, documentation wiki and social management. 

  • Blossom

If your organization works with a distributed team, Blossom is the perfect agile tool for you. Essentially a Kanban tool, Blossom works as a project tracking tool for distributed team members. A customizable Kanban workflow resides at the core of the software helping users to visually represent their work being done. Further, task management is accomplished with the help of flexible cards enabling the addition of comments, files and to-do lists etc. 

  • Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi is a free tool built on Google Apps. The tool features boards and cards for agile project management. Task management is covered in the basic version, and to make the software more useful, you need to upgrade to their paid version to enjoy features like time tracking, Gantt Cards, adding cards from email, export to Google Sheets and many more. What’s more, the software is built on Google and thus, it can be integrated seamlessly with other Google apps you use. 

  • Trello

Trello is one of the most popular agile marketing tools helping teams to continuously have an overview of the Sprints. While working with remote teams, the software becomes more useful because it offers incredible collaboration options. Trello can be used to manage projects, which are under the Kanban framework of development. With Trello, you can organize projects via cards and columns, move them along easily when they reach completion. 

  • Mural

Mural is popularly used as a design tool for sprint management. Mural supports collaborative design where the teams are allowed to create, edit and move the virtual sticky notes in their digital team environment. While designers can easily jot down the design ideas, they can also supplement their ideas with visual aids before sharing the same with their team on the cloud. Teammates can share their feedback on the design in the real-time environment. The platforms offers incredible dashboards, drag and drop sticky notes along with other brainstorming tools for the team. 

  • RealtimeBoard 

The last in our list is a tool for agile creative development. RealtimeBoard helps to map the customer journey and prioritize the areas which are the most impactful for marketing and CX teams. RealtimeBoard also offers an online whiteboard platform supporting agile creative development for cross-functional team development. Similar to the other agile tools, teams can view the projects from ideation to wireframing to completing them collaboratively. The teams can visualize the designs and share the ideas with ease. 

You search for one and you will find hundreds of tools in the market for your agile teams. Most of the above-mentioned are oriented towards agile marketing and development teams. Identify the one suitable for your team and add it to your marketing arsenal today.

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