Auth0 Named Market and Technology Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Consumer Identity Access Management

Auth0 “Leads the Pack” in Product, Market, and Innovation Categories

Auth0, a global leader in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), announced that it has been selected as an Overall Leader in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Consumer Identity Access Management (CIAM). This research report takes a thorough look at the overall CIAM industry, leading vendors, and the importance they play in managing millions of identities, and processing potentially billions of logins and other transactions per day.

The Leadership Compass provides an overview of the industry and evaluates vendors based on the use cases, experiences, business rules, and technical capabilities required by B2C companies today, and their anticipated needs in the future. The criteria also involved evaluating overall functionality, security, partner ecosystem, licensing models, as well as specific features such as authentication options, APIs, IoT integration, and Single Sign On (SSO).

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Auth0 is positioned as an Overall Leader in the industry, and is also featured in the Leadership category for the Product, Innovation/Technology, and Market categories. According to John Tolbert, lead analyst and author of the report, “Auth0 offers a full set of CIAM capabilities that can be integrated with customers’ existing IT infrastructure, including legacy applications. Auth0 has a high DIY value.”

Tolbert adds, “They identified a previously untapped segment in CIAM: developers. Auth0’s successful business model challenges traditional IAM and CIAM delivery models. Auth0 is a strong contender in the CIAM space, especially for organizations that need quick-to-deploy CIAM solutions. Those that have programming expertise alongside major consumer-facing applications should strongly consider Auth0 when doing RFPs.”

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“Recognition of our unique value proposition for consumer enterprises from an analyst firm as well-regarded as KuppingerCole is incredibly gratifying,” said Eugenio Pace, CEO and Co-founder of Auth0. “We are thrilled with our placement in this report, and look forward to continuing to provide B2C customers with the product innovation and technology partnership they expect from a market leader.”

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