Frontegg Unveils Multi-Apps, the Future of Customer Identity App Management

Organizations with multiple applications – across multiple tenants – can scale easily by having a single login experience and customizable access controls for all their apps. 

Frontegg, the premier customer identity and access management platform for modern SaaS, announced Frontegg Multi-Apps, a new suite of capabilities that enable customers to create and manage multiple applications in their environments. With new identity management for multiple applications, customers can now manage all their accounts and users from a single place while maintaining separate credentials and rules for each application.

Multi-Apps helps companies manage user identities across multiple applications, which in turn eases the burden of organizational complexity as they scale.  As founder and CTO Aviad Mizrachi says, “In our dialogues with customers and prospects, we consistently saw their struggle with managing multiple applications across diverse organizational structures. Each user and organization requires specific entitlements, varying not only from one application to another but also often involving different roles within those applications. This complexity goes beyond mere access—it touches on security, compliance, and operational efficiency, which are critical for any organization.”

Multi-Apps streamlines the management of all defined credentials and rules at the app level, enabling companies to more easily ensure their users and customers have the appropriate access to each application. By supporting a myriad of tech stacks including the most popular web and mobile frameworks, customers can use Multi-Apps as a single solution for managing all their applications.

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In a large, complex system, you want the ability to easily manage applications and their access controls across users and tenants, including being able to define default or auto-assigned apps. Multi-Apps allows customers to manage which tenants and users will have access to which app – and they can do this through the same Backoffice that they use to manage their environments and customers. Multi-Apps allows you to easily build a sophisticated infrastructure to create and manage multiple products, and configure everything from access controls to subscriptions within these products. Multi-Apps allows you to do all of this – along with providing specialized flows for different types of users and unparalleled customization for each application.

Key features of Multi-Apps include management of:

  • Multiple applications per environment
  • Unified login experience for your users – across all accessible apps
  • App-specific access for tenants and users
  • Cross-application hosted admin portal

Multi-Apps further extends Frontegg’s market-leading customer identity management capabilities, adding to its comprehensive product suite that also offers Hierarchies, Authorization and Entitlements, Security, Authentication and SSO, as well as  sophisticated self-service tools.  Collectively, Frontegg’s platform provides SaaS product, engineering, and business teams with all the critical tools they need to create, operate, scale, secure, and grow a SaaS business — even for complex use cases such as multi-tenancy, resellers, user-defined security policies, and multiple applications.

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