Janrain & Akamai Partner to Create a New Level of Customer Data Security

Janrain Secure Edge Integrates New Enterprise Security Capabilities into the Janrain Identity Cloud

Customer identity data has never been more valuable than it is at this moment. It has become the core currency for global brands. And with this heightened value comes increased risk, as bad actors tirelessly find new ways to attack data systems with the goal of exfiltrating consumer data.

Our clients value their customers and fully understand the need to manage consumer consent and profiles in a manner that earns trust. This means providing transparent, granular and purpose-specific consent options, meeting internal and external data governance standards, and deploying sophisticated safeguards to protect user data.

Protecting customer profile data is both more important and more complicated than ever. That’s why Janrain has partnered with Akamai Technologies – the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform – to create Janrain Secure Edge. Janrain Secure Edge gives our mutual customers unprecedented protection from both network-based and identity-based threats. Our solution leverages the capabilities of the Akamai Intelligent Platform, comprising more than 200,000 servers in more than 3,500 locations across 1,600 networks in 131 countries, and the Janrain Identity Cloud, the world’s largest identity network reaching over 1.75 billion digital identities in more than 3,400 commercial deployments worldwide.

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With Secure Edge, Janrain clients and their customers’ data get the assurance of a multi-component protection layer and risk-adaptive protection that leads the CIAM industry. The result is a barrier of protection from digital attacks – such as DDoS, direct-to-origin and web application attacks – for apps, sites and API infrastructure. The advanced identity-based security capabilities of the Janrain Identity Cloud include risk-based adaptive authentication powered by automated fraud detection for an additional layer of protection against fraudulent account creation and compromised credentials.

Managing customer identities in the most secure way possible

Consumer identity attack vector protection

Customer identity data systems need a multi-layered approach to security. The Janrain Identity Cloud’s advanced identity security features are enhanced with the addition of Akamai technology. With Akamai providing protection at the edge of the internet, malicious actors are thwarted before they can reach the systems and data of clients using the Janrain Identity Cloud. The benefits to brands are twofold: the risk of encroachment is minimized and attack traffic is drawn away from their sites, which prevents the need to launch expensive additional compute nodes. With Secure Edge, the Janrain Identity Cloud eliminates the negative impact on customer experiences caused by degradation of performance due to cyber-attacks and the expense of counter-attack resources. Equally important, our clients’ customers know that their data is receiving the highest level of protection available.

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Customer identities are more than just assets. They are the foundation for engagement, trust and loyalty. As digital consumers grow more sensitive to how their personal data is handled, brands need to demonstrate that they have safeguards and processes in place that are worthy of their customers’ trust. For years, Janrain has been considered the leader in identity security. We are proud to lead the CIAM industry to the next level of security. Partnering with Akamai and giving our clients the high level of protection that the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ offers is a natural step for us. This new capability means that companies can focus on creating the best digital experiences through their apps and websites without worrying about compromising data security, performance or scale.

Advanced identity security for all brands – all around the globe

Global Consumer Identity Threat Protection

Our clients trust Janrain because they know that we understand the importance of consumer profile data – both to their business interests and to their customers themselves. Accordingly, we are making Janrain Secure Edge available to all of our clients. Thanks to our industry-leading global coverage, Janrain is able to extend this offering to clients in all global regions, including China and Russia.

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