Trust Stamp’s Metapresence Vault Is Coming Soon: Join the Waitlist

Now accepting sign-ups for the secure account credential and cryptographic key storage solution

Trust Stamp , an AI-powered trust and identity services company used globally across multiple sectors, announces that it is accepting sign-ups for the MetaPresence™ Vault waitlist. The innovative solution provides secure account credential and private key storage, ensuring personal wallets and digital asset keys are protected and accessible only to the user via their MetaSafe account, independent of platforms and service providers. Individuals can transact more freely across the metaverse with the enhanced utility of protected, interoperable access to their digital assets.

Trust Stamp’s secured biometric authentication technology leverages irreversible data tokenization to protect personal information, keys, and credentials from unauthorized access. Biometric and other data is converted into Trust Stamp’s proprietary Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token (IT2TM) and immediately discarded, powering enhanced assurance without the need to store or share sensitive personal information. The MetaPresence™ Vault provides an immutable, cryptographically verified history to assure long-term data protection and availability through its infrastructure on an Amazon Quantum Ledger Database.

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Trust Stamp CEO Gareth Genner comments, “With over $3.2 billion in crypto stolen in 2021, and an estimated 20% of all Bitcoin permanently inaccessible due to lost credentials, protecting private keys is essential in the digital world. The MetaPresence™ Vault takes digital asset protection and management to the next level with interoperable utility within a larger cross-platform ecosystem to power a more unified decentralized landscape. We believe this technology addresses a significant unmet need in the financial sector as well as the growing consumer metaverse markets. As a result, we are excited to take this important step towards a broader commercial rollout.”

In parallel to the direct-to-consumer model, Trust Stamp plans to deliver the secure vault service through financial institutions, including US-based and international banks, in response to growth in the adoption of decentralized financial services. In the increasingly digitized global economy, banks can demonstrate a user-centric commitment to meeting the financial service needs of customers today with a solution that protects the security and longevity of access credentials and encryption keys, even in the absence of cryptocurrency exchange and/or custody services.

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