Enterprise Strategy Group Highlights Impact, Value of Actifio GO for SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform

More Than 50% of Companies Can’t Tolerate Even 15 Minutes of Data Unavailability

A new Solution Showcase by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) describes the rising importance of instant data re-use for mission-critical applications such as SAP HANA and the impact and value provided by Actifio, the pioneer of multi-cloud copy data management software, and its Actifio GO for GCP (Google Cloud Platform) SaaS offering.

A recent ESG survey polled 320 customers and found that 51% of these enterprises can only tolerate 15 minutes or less of data unavailability for their mission-critical applications (like SAP), which has major implications on best practices in data protection and backup. Another ESG finding is that more and more enterprises are looking to re-use backup data, not just archive it. DevOps, data warehousing and analytics continue to be top use cases for leveraging backup data.

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For workloads running on SAP HANA, the high-performance platform that powers thousands of worldwide businesses, ESG reports that many enterprises are looking to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP). “Actifio GO for GCP is a SaaS offering in the GCP marketplace that leverages Actifio’s world-class technology to make data management on GCP simple and foster data re-use,” according to the ESG report.

“In many ways, what Actifio is doing with SAP HANA and GCP is the perfect example of a modern and integrated solution that places data asset protection and re-use at the heart of business,” wrote Christophe Bertrand, ESG Senior Analyst, who authored the report entitled “SAP HANA Solutions on Google Cloud Platform with Actifio GO.”

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The white paper explains how Actifio can help customers not only protect their enterprise application data, on-premises or in the cloud, but also enable instant data re-use. The ESG report describes four use cases:

  • Backing up on-premises applications like SAP HANA to public clouds like GCP with low RTO & RPO
  • Protecting SAP HANA instances already running in the cloud with low RTO & RPO
  • Migrating on-premises deployment of SAP HANA to public clouds with minimum downtime
  • Automated provisioning of many multi-TB SAP HANA test environments for DevOps within minutes in the cloud

Bertrand said, “Actifio offers the full suite of capabilities an organization needs to have a comprehensive strategy for protecting and re-using its data both on-premises and in the cloud. The Actifio platform provides a full set of functionalities to effectively and efficiently protect mission-critical data assets and applications such as SAP HANA.”

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