The drive toward a paperless office has resulted in many businesses digitizing traditional paper documents and combining them with today’s native digital docs like Word and Excel. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in vast numbers of archived scanned images of documents which have not undergone digitization for reasons relating to cost, frequency of use, or lack of time.

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Unless these documents are processed through an OCR (optical character recognition) solution into a searchable format, these images of documents can be even less useful than the original paper documents. That’s because images and the text content within them are by and large, not searchable with most document management systems, resulting in frustration as employees must download or print out the file and then search page by page for the right content.

Having experienced this very same pain while undergoing their own paperless office transformation, AuriQ has developed a unique hybrid solution that is able to search scanned images as-is in their original format along with fully digitized and native digital files. They call it Essentia AI hybrid document management solution. The process flow is as simple as dragging and dropping document files into their cloud service where the OCR engine automatically extracts and indexes text content in the scanned images and digital documents.

Once processed, the user can begin searching them based on content, file name or a combination of both. There is also a very flexible ad-hoc commenting system that allows one to add notes and keywords to any document, which are fully searchable as well. Even the most unruly and disorganized collection of files can be quickly tamed and structured into a fully searchable online digital filing cabinet.

This is all accomplished without having to spend the high cost of digitization software/service nor wait lengthy hours or days to convert them into a digitized searchable file.

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