Hightouch Secures $12.1 Million in Series A Funding to Accelerate its Growth

Hightouch, a fast-growing software company that pioneered the concept of Reverse ETL, announced it has raised $12.1 million in Series A financing led by Amplify Partners, increasing its total funding to $14.2 million. This round also includes participation from new investor Bain Capital Ventures and returning investors Y Combinator and Afore Capital, as well as angel investors such as the founders and CEOs of companies like Datadog, Clearbit, Okta, Segment, Materialize, Pendo, and mParticle.

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Hightouch will use the new funding to support product development and innovations that will empower less technical business teams to harness the power of data in the tools they use every day.

“Our vision is to make data accessible and useful to everyone within a company,” said Kashish Gupta, co-founder of Hightouch. “This rapid growth is a strong sign that all teams, not just data teams, have an appetite for using warehouse data to power the entire customer data stack. We’re excited to continue to build tools that help every team deliver better experiences to their customers, whether B2B or B2C.”

Hightouch syncs customer data from the data warehouse to various SaaS tools that modern companies use to run their business and communicate with customers, such as CRM, email automation, and customer support tools.

This year, Hightouch has partnered with B2C brands like Autotrader, Nando’s, and Imperfect Foods, as well as B2B companies like Plaid, Lucidchart, Retool, and Blend.

“As the cloud data warehouse has become the source of truth for organizations’ data, we’ve seen a massive market opportunity emerge for a new set of tools that help operationalize and extract value from that data,” said Lenny Pruss, general partner at Amplify Ventures. “For us, the decision to partner with Hightouch was easy. We were convinced by their category-defining product, expansive vision, and the quality of the team.”

Hightouch’s approach to data integration, called Operational Analytics, extends the usage of the data warehouse beyond its typical purpose—analytics—into new use cases that enable data to power workflows such as sending emails and alerting sales reps.

“We have so much valuable data in our data warehouse. Before using Hightouch, getting that data into other tools was painful and time-consuming. With Hightouch, we can put data to use so quickly and easily,” said Tim Jenkins, senior director of strategy and analytics at Lucidchart. “Hightouch has opened up all kinds of use cases, such as sending real-time notifications of new opportunities to Slack, sending custom audience lists to ad platforms such as Adwords and Bing to enable targeted advertising, and sending product activity data into Marketo for personalized email campaigns—and we’re just scratching the surface!”

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