Hortonworks Introduces Operational Services to Simplify and Accelerate the Journey to Data-Driven Insights

Hortonworks Inc, Introduced Hortonworks Operational Services to Help Customers Manage Big Data Deployments and More Quickly Maximize the Value of Their Data.

Hortonworks Inc, a leading provider of global data management solutions, introduced Hortonworks Operational Services to help customers manage big data deployments and more quickly maximize the value of their data. The subscription-based service provides a fully managed environment for customers of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) and ongoing access to dedicated Hortonworks support teams with deep experience building and managing modern data platforms.

Scott Gnau

“At its heart, Hortonworks Operational Services is designed to reduce complexity when building, deploying and managing big data, whether it is on-prem or in the cloud. Hortonworks has extensive experience running the entire Apache Hadoop stack in production, at scale, on the most demanding workloads. With a proven track record of supporting our big data platforms at leading companies and on multiple tiers, we are in a unique position to efficiently manage the operations of customer environments at high performance,” said Scott Gnau, chief technology officer, Hortonworks.

Industry analysts recognize the challenges many organizations face as they endeavor to gain insights and drive growth through the power of their data. A managed data service can provide valuable support both in the initial creation and the ongoing management and maintenance of a modern data platform.

James Curtis

“Managing Hadoop-based distributed systems may be difficult for many enterprises, particularly those lacking the operational expertise or resources to hire skilled personnel. As such, Hortonworks Operational Services targets this challenge by providing a fresh approach for organizations looking to reduce risk and simplify the management of big data deployments,” said James Curtis, Senior Analyst, Analytics, Data Platforms, 451 Research.

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Hortonworks Operational Services will provide subscribers with valuable new services, including:

  • Architecture and ongoing management to simplify the deployment of big data
    Hortonworks Operational Services helps organizations with both the initial architecture and ongoing management of their big data platform. In removing the complexity of building, executing and managing a big data deployment, organizations can instead allocate more time toward developing their own critical data-driven applications.

Customers also receive:

    • 24/7/365 support for HDP and HDF environments
    • Configuration, management, and maintenance of HDP components
    • Multi-tenancy management within the cluster
    • Capacity planning and forecasting
    • Quarterly on-site architecture review
    • Tailored support for select use cases
  • Proactive management and maintenance to ensure reliability
    Organizations can be confident of the operational continuity of production environments with proactive maintenance and issue management provided by Hortonworks Operational Services.

Customers receive:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring and incident management
  • Weekly summary reports and review calls with dedicated Hortonworks team members
  • Ongoing capacity monitoring and reporting

Hortonworks Operational Services also helps ensure the reliability of HDP/HDF environments by applying the latest upgrades and patches, hotfixes, failover testing, multi-tenant management and root cause analysis.

With this high level of continuous platform support, customers can focus their teams on devising the best ways to understand and utilize their data, while the Hortonworks Operational Services team manages and maintains the platforms.

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  • Agility and flexibility to accommodate future data needs
    As enterprises grow in size and expand their geographic reach, many require more capacity and capability to support their data objectives. Hortonworks Operational Services can support companies as they continue down the path of their data journey by offering:
  • Interoperability of new data clusters with the existing data architecture
  • Replication management and backup of data assets for multiple geographic sites
  • Proactive failover testing to preserve the continuity of data resources

With these capabilities, Hortonworks Operational Services offers customers a blend of deep expertise in data management services and support that creates operational efficiencies from ongoing proactive monitoring and maintenance. And with more than 1,300 customers employing Hortonworks technology across a variety of industries, enterprises can feel confident in the experience, knowledge, and support from the Hortonworks Operational Services team.

“As a leader in global data management, enterprises can depend on Hortonworks to reliably and efficiently build, maintain and manage their data platforms, allowing them to instead focus resources on driving value by harnessing the insights within their data,” said Gnau.

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