OneTrust Enhances First-Party Data Solution to Strengthen Holistic Consent and Preference Management Platform

Cultivate trusted customer relationships with optimized first-party data and compliance automation

Today OneTrust, the category-defining enterprise platform to operationalize trust, announced an enhanced first-party data solution. With the addition of first-party data to consent and preference management, organizations can use one powerful platform to capture, centralize, govern, and sync data while keeping trust and transparency at the forefront of all consumer interactions.

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As a part of the OneTrust Consent and Preference Management platform, the technology helps deepen direct customer relationships by capturing first-party data and activating it to deliver personalized engagements. Organizations can now simplify and automate data governance and compliance by implementing configurable rules for first-party data use across marketing platforms.

As the regulatory and technical landscapes evolve and third-party cookies deprecate a strategy that includes zero- and first-party data capture is critical to delivering powerful campaigns that yield results, improve ROI and honor privacy.

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With OneTrust’s Consent and Preference Management solution, organizations can create customized and engaging forms to capture first-party data, centrally collect and store this data, and honor consent and preferences across the entire MarTech system –– all while maintaining compliance with global regulations. This future-proof strategy allows organizations to combine consent receipts, marketing preferences, and first-party data into a competitive advantage by providing personalization while proving they respect privacy.

With OneTrust First-Party Data solution, customers can:

  • Configure Customized Experiences: Design and deploy a transparent front-end customer experience with out-of-the-box customizable collection points and preference centers and set up granular logic to capture data at the right time.
  • Future-Proof Data Sources: Enhance customer profiles with first-party data and begin to replace other data sources like third-party cookies. Customers can also easily update data through a self-service preference center.
  • Centralize Data: Create a single source of trust for all systems, provide transparency for customers and centralize your proof-of marketing compliance with stored customer consent, preferences, and first-party data.
  • Automate Data Integrations: Sync real-time, reliable first-party data to your MarTech stack to ensure accuracy and permission-based remarketing and retargeting.
  • Personalize Campaigns: Deliver the content, products, services, and offers that are most relevant to audience segments.

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