Appsian Security Announces the Release of the GRC State of the Market 2021 Benchmark Report with SAPinsider

The report reveals that organizations using SAP view cybersecurity as a critical component of GRC and are exploring strategies for consolidating the two functions

Appsian Security, the global leader of ERP data security & compliance, today announced the release of the Governance, Risk, and Compliance: State of the Market 2021 Benchmark Report by SAPinsider (Appsian is a co-sponsor of the report). SAPinsider recently surveyed members of its community to understand the most critical factors driving GRC for SAP and what strategies are being taken to address these factors.

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“One of the interesting insights from the report is that SAP customers are placing a greater emphasis on IAM and cybersecurity as a critical component of managing risk (GRC),” said Rajesh Rengarethinam, Appsian’s VP of Engineering (SAP). “Traditionally, organizations view GRC and security as mostly separate operations. Professionals and organizations are seeing value in consolidating its GRC and cybersecurity tools into a single portfolio.”

Appsian Security Releases the GRC State of the Market 2021 Benchmark Report with SAPinsider

Appsian Security’s recent acquisition of GRC software leader, Xpandion, was a direct response to the SAP community’s shift toward Integrated Risk Management, which builds on traditional GRC principles by including IT and information security. All in-service to enabling a more holistic approach to managing risk, enterprise-wide. Today, the Appsian Security portfolio boasts the most comprehensive risk management solution available on the SAP market. The portfolio includes solutions for identity governance, access control, data security, authorization management, and segregation of duties.

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