EasyDMARC Launches DMARC Academy

EasyDMARC, an all-in-one email security and deliverability solution, announced today the establishment of EasyDMARC Academy. EasyDMARC’s DMARC: Basics to Advanced and DMARC Expert courses are designed to help students understand the detailed instruction and implementation of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) and email protection.

“We are committed to ensuring businesses’ security in cyberspace. Along with providing an advanced security solution, increasing customers’ cybersecurity awareness is also a strategic direction for us,” says Gerasim Hovhannisyan, CEO of EasyDMARC.

Since over 93% of all successful cyberattacks on organizations start with a phishing email (Verizon DBIR 2021), email security should be a priority for all companies, irrespective of size. Firewall Times reported that 61% of SMBs experienced a phishing attack last year. These numbers are definitely higher for big enterprises.

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The shortage of email security specialists hits businesses hard. On the other hand, many IT professionals are still new to the email security space. They need reliable educational resources to gain and enhance vital sector skills. EasyDMARC’s DMARC Academy aims to close these gaps.

“The topic is critical these days. The interest in our Academy is the best proof of this trend. More than 400 students applied for our courses overnight after the soft launch. Today, we are thrilled to see that 150+ of them have already passed the basic level,” adds Avag Arakelyan, CTO of EasyDMARC.

“Great technology and an intuitive platform is good, but empowering human firewalls is also important.”

EasyDMARC Academy is free and open to anyone interested in outbound email security and DMARC certification.

The courses have 2 levels, basic and advanced; they include expert-level instructions, video explanations, and practice-based assessments, which will help professionals simulate real-world DMARC support scenarios critical for workplace success.

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