LightBeam Introduces Industry’s First CoPilot for Privacy, Security and AI Governance

Company opens up a path for organizations to use AI responsibly and broadly, a pioneer in AI-powered automation, is announcing the industry’s first CoPilot for data privacy, security and AI Governance to make the power of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) broadly available across private, public and non-profit sectors.

Modern data infrastructures have become overly complex. With RESTful API access, more and more applications are connected to each other, exchanging information and data with little regard to the concomitant privacy, security and governance concerns. The advent of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) and large language models (LLMs) have accelerated this issue from an area of concern to possibly an unmitigated impending fiasco. If rule-based approaches to data governance were already bursting at their seams earlier, now, they are woefully inadequate for even starting to handle AI governance issues.

“LightBeam’s approach to using AI as a CoPilot is exactly the right way to leverage a promising technology while still maintaining and respecting societal controls on human data.”

While technology continues its inevitable march forward, left in the lurch are humans. From the data subjects whose data is being exchanged willy-nilly to the compliance teams who have the tiresome but crucial job of guarding privacy and maintaining governance, it has become infinitely harder to protect their own or their customers’ privacy and data security.

It is in this context that LightBeam is introducing Spectra CoPilot for Privacy and InfoSec teams. Acting as a CoPilot, Spectra listens, learns and understands the requirements and policies of compliance teams and their organizations. With seamless connectivity to applications – structured and unstructured – LightBeam Spectra CoPilot understands the presence of sensitive data using its generative pre-trained transformer models. Deployed completely inside an organization’s network, none of the organization’s sensitive data leaves their networks thereby maintaining strict confidentiality and privacy for all parties involved – employees, partners, users and customers.

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“I am personally involved in ensuring that our customer’s data is secure, meeting and exceeding all compliance and governance requirements. This is an important element in winning and maintaining their trust,” said Archana Srivastava, Head, Technology at Zinier, Inc. “I am delighted to see how LightBeam continues to execute on its vision of bringing automation for privacy, security and governance. Their approach to using AI as a CoPilot is exactly the right way to leverage a promising technology while still maintaining and respecting societal controls on human data. Highly recommend checking out CoPilot from LightBeam.”

“AI and AI Governance have become the most popular conversation topics amongst CIOs. While there is an unmistakable curiosity about Gen AI, there are also concerns about potential misuse and sensitive data exposures,” said Pierre Farley, Partner at EFICIO. “With Spectra CoPilot, LightBeam is demonstrating a way to use Gen AI with the right governance guardrails around using AI. Customers across a variety of sectors including finance, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing amongst others can start on their AI journey now with confidence.”

The LightBeam Spectra CoPilot module brings data intelligence and insights to privacy, compliance and governance teams in the following ways:

  • Privacy Aware LLM System (PALS) – Enterprise CTO and CIOs have been struggling to take advantage of their data warehouses and data lakes. By creating sanitized data pipelines, Spectra CoPilot enables them to train their large language models (LLMs) on their own datasets while respecting their privacy and governance commitments to their customers.
  • Time Machine – Spectra CoPilot continuously connects to an organization’s data estate across SaaS apps, public clouds and private cloud infrastructures, and keeps track of sensitive data provenance across all applications. This helps teams in not only being aware of an issue but also in understanding how the issue came about, thereby enabling them to take actions at the source.
  • Right to Portability – Many existing and emerging privacy regulations mandate organizations to provide their data subjects a right to portability for their personal data. Spectra CoPilot helps organizations maintain an identity-centric comprehensive record for each individual (employees/customers/partners) which can be shared in industry-standard formats upon request and authorization.
  • Automated Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA) – Instead of being a reactive process, CoPilot maintains ongoing continuous verification of all data stored internally and shared externally to ensure compliance and mitigation.

“Just like brakes, seatbelts and airbags help you go faster (not slower), an automated, always-on governance can revolutionize the use of AI responsibly to solve some of the biggest challenges facing us all,” stated Priyadarshi Prasad, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at “With Spectra CoPilot, we intend to enable every organization to leverage AI for their missions.”

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