OneTrust Previewing Trust Platform at TrustWeek 2021

OneTrust’s platform brings together privacy, security, ethics, and ESG to transform compliance into trust as a competitive advantage

Tomorrow, during the opening keynote of OneTrust user conference TrustWeek, OneTrust will share details of the product roadmap and overall trust platform. During the live-streamed session, OneTrust CEO Kabir Barday and Chief Strategy Officer Blake Brannon will detail how companies can bring together privacy, data governance, ESG, ethics and compliance, and security into a centralized platform of trust that achieves measurable business outcomes.

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The OneTrust trust platform brings together teams to transform compliance outcomes into trust as a competitive advantage

Today, many privacy, security, data governance, ethics and compliance, and ESG teams work in siloes and are driven by compliance-focused initiatives. While compliance is a critical outcome, data shows real business value comes from building trust with customers and stakeholders, who are more likely to work with and align to brands they trust.

OneTrust is defining this new software category of trust and is building the only platform that brings together these teams into one technology solution. Centralizing on OneTrust gives organizations a single source of data truth that can intelligently create workflows and automate business decisions that achieve compliance and build trust.

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By centralizing on the OneTrust platform, customers can access:

  • Integrated data discovery and automation technology to better detect and discover changes to data processing happening across the organization
  • Advanced business intelligence and data analytics capabilities that deliver embedded, real-time program analysis & suggestions through a research-backed knowledge graph
  • Embedded benchmarking, insights, and analytics for programs to better understand outcomes, measure success against business objectives, and benchmark against similar organizations
  • Integrated policy enforcement and data governance to enforce policies, mitigation actions, and decisions made in OneTrust across other business applications

These capabilities are available on the OneTrust trust platform, and across our suite of applications including:

  • OneTrust Privacy - Privacy Management Software
  • OneTrust DataDiscovery™ - AI-Powered Discovery and Classification
  • OneTrust DataGovernance™ - Data Intelligence Software
  • OneTrust Vendorpedia™ - Third-Party Risk Exchange
  • OneTrust GRC - Integrated Risk Management Software
  • OneTrust Ethics - Ethics and Compliance Software
  • OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ - Consent and Preference Management Software
  • OneTrust ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance Software

During the opening keynote, OneTrust will also share details about the recent acquisition of Tugboat Logic for certification automation, the latest on ethics and compliance, and “speak up” programs ahead of the EU Whistleblowing Directive deadline, and technology innovations for sustainability and ESG programs

“TrustWeek is our time to come together as the global community of customers, partners, and industry experts to learn the latest industry innovations and discuss how we can continue to elevate and improve our programs,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO. “I’m excited to share our vision for building the technology platform of trust, and transforming programs from compliance-based initiatives to trust as a competitive advantage.”

To learn more about the platform of trust, register for TrustWeek 2021 and attend the opening keynote on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 11:00 am EDT / 11:00 am BST / 12:00 pm AEDT.

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