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PrivacyUX Dramatically Eases GDPR Transparency Compliance

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Beautifully Formatted, Layered Privacy Notices Delivered to All Devices with No Technical Effort with PrivacyUX

PrivacyCheq announced the immediate availability of PrivacyUX, its new GDPR privacy notice management and delivery service.  PrivacyUX allows enterprises and SMEs of any size to easily provide customers with world-class privacy notices, fostering the trusted, transparent relationship envisioned by the GDPR.  PrivacyUX is a subset of PrivacyCheq’s venerated ConsentCheq consent management service, which has facilitated compliance for enterprises worldwide since its launch in 2016.

Under GDPR, companies must initiate their trusted relationship with customers by providing a new, much easier-to-understand privacy notice, specifically required to be “concise, transparent, intelligible, and easily accessible.”  The typical unreadable 8-page legal notice that is buried in a website footer is no longer acceptable.

PrivacyUX rapidly solves this new requirement with a streamlined workflow that leads from the gathering of required legal text all the way through to final approval and publication.  A content management system enables fine control over all aspects of GDPR-specific privacy requirements such as choosing and populating the notice’s “layers,” importing legal text, tracking versions, and administrating notices in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

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Roy Smith
Roy Smith

Roy Smith, PrivacyCheq’s CEO said, “While many enterprises have devoted their resources to internal data mapping and remediation over the past 18 months, very few are aware of the heightened transparency requirements that accompany GDPR, only recently finalized by the WP29 in April.  The technical requirements of managing and delivering clear privacy notices in the proper language to all varieties of viewing devices are daunting, and after getting numerous requests from customers of our competitors to offer ConsentCheq’s innovative GDPR notice delivery service separately, we decided to create PrivacyUX.”

When implemented, the PrivacyUX service can deliver GDPR style privacy notices to data subjects in a wide variety of situations, including websites, web apps, native mobile apps, via QR code, by text message and even by verbal request using Amazon Echo or Google Home. Technical integration is extremely simple, eliminating one more GDPR headache for enterprises that are now under the gun to provide outward facing GDPR compliance. The layered notice delivered by PrivacyUX meets the spirit and letter of “Privacy by Design” and can be used for CASL (Canada), COPPA (US), and ePrivacy (EU, when ratified).

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