Titaniam Announces Completion of Product Suite to Push Back on the Ransomware Problem

The industry’s most advanced data protection and cyber immunity platform goes live.

Titaniam, Inc., the industry’s most advanced data protection and cyber immunity platform, today announced its full product offering, the Titaniam Suite. These enhancements and the full set of products give Titaniam an edge as they push back on the larger ransomware problem happening ubiquitously across every industry. Ransomware and extortion-based cyber attacks occur at the rate of one every six seconds. Over the next ten years, this frequency is expected to increase to one every 2 seconds, creating an annual cost of $265 Billion.

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One of the most challenging aspects of ransomware attacks is that even if victims can recover their systems from backup, attackers forcibly extract ransom payment by threatening to leak valuable data stolen during the attack. Titaniam uses high-performance encryption-in-use to neutralize all possible data related leverage. Titaniam also combines encryption-in-use with traditional data protection and privacy techniques to deliver a single powerful platform that is orders of magnitude stronger, versatile, flexible, and performant relative to the generation of data protection technologies that came before it,

The Titaniam Suite includes comprehensive ransomware and extortion defense capabilities in the form of five products. These are Titaniam Vault, Titaniam Plugin, Titaniam Proxy, Titaniam API, and Titaniam Studio. In addition, Titaniam’s rich underlying platform provides orchestration capabilities across all Titaniam products and also includes industry leading key management and customer controlled BYOK at scale.

Titaniam Vault
Customers can use Titaniam’s Vault as a standalone solution to store and analyze valuable structured and unstructured data without decryption. Titaniam Vault retains certified strong encryption at all times, including while the data is in active use. The Vault can also be used as a companion data store for existing applications and to build ground-up systems that are natively immune to data compromise. Data can be released from the Vault in nine different privacy preserving formats including all formats offered by all other vendors in the market. Titaniam’s Vault can be deployed alongside any cloud or on-prem datastore and is supported on all major cloud platforms. Titaniam Vault implements true Zero Trust Data Security in the form of Zero Clear Text.

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