NAVER and LG Electronics Agree on Joint R&D for Robotics to Apply NAVER LABS’ Location & Mobility Platform “xDM” to LG’s Guide Robot

Integration of xDM With LG’s Guide Robot Represents Blueprint for Wider Cooperation Between NAVER and LG

NAVER announced an agreement with LG Electronics (LG) to cooperate on R&D to apply NAVER LABS’ integrated location and mobility platform “xDM” (eXtended Definition & Dimension Map) to LG’s Guide Robot. The partnership between NAVER LABS — which is developing numerous future technologies, including indoor autonomous mapping robot M1 and Hybrid HD Map — and LG Electronics was initiated during CES 2019.

NAVER and LG Electronics Agree on Joint R&D for Robotics

xDM was first revealed at DEVIEW 2018, the largest developer conference in Korea. It combines the NAVER LABS portfolio of robot and AI-based technologies such as high definition (HD) mapping, localization and navigation with high-precision spatial data. Key features are self-updating 3D/HD mapping, precise indoor and outdoor positioning and context-aware location information based on real-time spatial data. It supports the development of future location-based services such as augmented reality (AR) walking navigation and autonomous mobility services that include autonomous vehicles, service robots and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

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The partnership aims at creating synergy by merging the xDM platform with LG’s Guide Robot in part because xDM can realize precise indoor autonomous driving using low-cost sensors and low processing power, allowing LG Electronics to enhance the operation quality of its robot. At the same time, NAVER LABS can further enhance xDM capabilities with data collected by LG’s Guide Robot.

“NAVER LABS’ xDM platform is marked by the potential to be widely used for various future technologies such as autonomous driving and robotics,” said Senior Vice President Jinseo Roh, head of LG Electronics’ Robot Business Center. “With NAVER LABS, LG will not only continue to enrich the consumer experience, but will also contribute to the development of robotics. LG Electronics and NAVER LABS are discussing a larger partnership opportunity going forward.”

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“Reaching a synergistic agreement with LG Electronics on joint R&D at CES is one of the greatest accomplishments of NAVER LABS,” said Sangok Seok, the head of Autonomous Machine Group at NAVER LABS. “LG Electronics is launching various robots to generate innovation of daily life and, together with LG Electronics, NAVER LABS will continue to realize NAVER LABS’ vision to develop ambient intelligence technologies.”

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