Striim Announces General Availability of Version 4.0 of its Streaming Platform

New release focuses on secure, automated multi cloud data pipelines to stream mission critical business events in real time

Striim  Striim, Inc. announced the availability of Striim 4.0, the next generation of its industry-leading data integration and streaming platform. Striim 4.0 introduces new features and enhances existing capabilities for customers to run hundreds of data pipelines on auto-pilot and infuse real-time data into their business processes. Customers can choose from over 100 built-in adapters to read from and write to a data store, storage system, or cloud, and in the format of their choice.  They can efficiently manage their pipelines using Striim’s visual, no-code user interface, SQL-based CLI (command line interface), and REST APIs (application programming interfaces). Striim 4.0 maximises operational uptime with data observability and automatic responses to changes in data structures and formats in upstream applications.

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“By 2022”, IDC forecasts “over 90% of enterprises worldwide will be relying on a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs”. Enterprises must tackle the technical and cost challenges of integrating data across distributed environments because, according to McKinsey, “market demands are pushing organizations to handle even more extensive data sets and to achieve even faster query and analytics responses.”

Striim enables customers to overcome the barriers between disparate platforms with unified real-time data integration and SQL-driven data streaming so they can extract more value from their data to improve products and make better business decisions.  Striim can elastically scale to handle mass data volumes and act as an autonomous data pipeline to create insights in real-time.

Striim 4.0 expands on its mission with key features such as:

Enhanced user interface for operations at scale: Striim customers commonly operate hundreds of data pipelines with granular controls around access and governance. Customers can search, sort, filter and group users, roles, permissions, and data pipelines for easier management and compliance.

Schema evolution to automate common DDL (Data Definition Language) changes: Striim 4.0 eliminates integration downtime by detecting schema changes on  source databases, and instantly and automatically replicating the changes to target systems with customer-defined guardrails to prevent unwanted schema changes.

Notification panel for lifecycle events and Historical end-to-end latency metrics:  Customers can be confident in the fidelity and freshness of the data feeding their analytics and operational workflows. They can now easily monitor lifecycle events, such as the detection and propagation of a new table, and track the current and historical replication latencies across all their data pipelines.

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Vault for customer secrets: Striim 4.0 augments customers’ security posture by storing their tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys in Striim’s built-in Vault or in external vaults, such as HashiCorp Vault.

New connectors and optimizations for existing connectors: Striim 4.0 includes new adapters to read from and write to additional data platforms and formats, and enhances the performance of existing adapters to enable customers to modernize without sunsetting proven legacy systems.  Striim’s new adapter support includes change data capture (CDC) from PostgreSQL on public clouds such as Azure and Google Cloud, reading and transforming Cobol copybook, and reading very large transactions using the PostgreSQL CDC adapter.

“Striim’s unified data integration and streaming platform enables modernization and digital transformation by connecting enterprise systems in a modern cloud architecture with fully automated real-time data pipelines,” said Alok Pareek, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Products at Striim. “Fresh data is essential for enterprises to make the right business decisions at the right time, and the Striim platform enables them to integrate, analyze and transform their data in-flight. This speed gives them a clear and distinct competitive advantage.”

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