Flytxt Introduces Intelligent Voice Interface for Digital Customer Engagement

Personalises Voice Conversations Through Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant  

Flytxt announced the availability of an intelligent voice interface for NEON-dX, its digital customer engagement product. NEON-dX will use analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personalise conversations on any digital touch point that supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The product packages Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation capabilities to help enterprises drive customer value management and generate measurable economic value faster and more efficiently. The product is deployed with more than 50 enterprises across 40 countries, analyzing data of over 600 million mobile consumers and executing more than 6000 analytical models per day.

Vinod Vasudevan
Vinod Vasudevan

“More than a quarter of all mobile searches in 2016 were done over voice. With speech recognition accuracy reaching over 95%, more and more consumers will adopt voice as the preferred medium to interact with their service providers. With this interface, our enterprise customers can now engage their consumers in natural conversations using voice. This will significantly improve consumer experience and generate higher returns for enterprises,” remarked Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, CEO, Flytxt.

NEON-dX has out of the box analytics and AI capabilities to translate data into actionable insights reflecting consumer’s persona, intent, and contextual needs. Enterprises can leverage these insights and recommend the right offers and actions during voice conversations seamlessly just like how a human agent would. The interface will start supporting other voice platforms like Siri in the near future.

Flytxt products enable Artificial Intelligence based autonomous customer value management, helping enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey and generate measurable economic value faster and more efficiently. The solutions powered by Flytxt’s products and services help enterprises to grow revenues, reduce churn and enhance customer experience. The company serves more than 100 customers across 50 countries including some of the largest Telcos, financial institutions and top global brands.

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