KeyedIn Announces Updates to its Project Portfolio Management Solutions to Simplify Agile Adoption and Portfolio-Level Decision-Making

KeyedIn, a leader in Agile Portfolio Management, today announced a variety of updates to its cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) solutions designed to help project management offices (PMOs) simplify Agile adoption and leverage portfolio reporting to make better data-driven decisions.

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KeyedIn has offered innovative Kanban-style Agile planning at the portfolio level for several years and is now extending that capability to the task level. Both Kanban-style tools – one for portfolio projects and now another for tasks – enable PMOs and enterprise PMOs (ePMOs) to more easily incorporate Agile projects and tasks alongside traditional or custom work methodologies, to give portfolio leaders comprehensive visibility into all project-based work. The new Task Board also allows non-IT Agile projects to be run solely in KeyedIn without the need for additional Agile tooling.

“The ability to manage any work methodology within the same portfolio is a core tenet of KeyedIn’s Agile Portfolio Management strategy,” said Matt Muldoon, Chief Product Officer for KeyedIn. “The Task Board gives portfolio leaders flexibility in how they track Agile projects – either natively in KeyedIn or through integration with Jira or similar tools. Getting that complete picture is what enables KeyedIn customers to place the right bets, turn quickly and delivery faster.”

With this new feature, KeyedIn allows users to seamlessly switch between a Gantt chart planning tool and the Task Board, depending on which best fits the work in process. On the Task Board, each item moves through standardized progress stages so teams can track and update what’s in process at a glance and identify bottlenecks.

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In addition, the updates to KeyedIn’s PPM solutions include several reporting enhancements, including the ability to define and execute PowerPoint reports for the first time. This format is especially useful for customer-specific status reports and “packs” that contain summaries of many projects for senior stakeholder presentation. Users can also now embed iFrame widgets into KeyedIn dashboards, to bring data from third-party products into the KeyedIn ecosystem for integrated visibility.

“We’ve invested a tremendous amount of development time and resource into giving KeyedIn the best self-service reporting tools among any PPM product,” Muldoon said. “The project and portfolio data stored in a PPM tool holds the key to improving forecasting, prioritizing the most valuable projects and identifying problems early – but only if portfolio leaders can get to it and filter it to their immediate needs. KeyedIn makes that possible.”

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