Machine Learning Company Soteria Intelligence Releases New Social Media Analytics Tools, Website

Soteria Intelligence’s New Tools Empower Companies by Delivering Social Media Analytics and Intelligence Solutions That Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Build Context Around, and Extract True Meaning From, Posts on Social Networks

After being in stealth mode for the past six months while working on R&D focused on applying deep learning to social media analytics, Soteria Intelligence announced the release of powerful new tools for brand reputation management, customer service and marketing as well as a new website that graphically represents the company’s vision of machine learning.

Soteria Intelligence’s new tools empower companies by delivering social media analytics and intelligence solutions that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build context around and extract true meaning from, posts on social networks. Additionally, since a picture is worth a thousand words, image recognition capabilities allow organizations to discover a social media world they never knew existed.

One of the key things that make Soteria Intelligence unique is the creation of intuitive interfaces that guide users to provide human input that will ultimately make the software more intelligent and effective over time – a true marriage between man and machine. This supervised learning approach helps eliminate false positives and white noise while delivering actionable insights.

Machine Learning Company Soteria Intelligence Releases New Social Media Analytics Tools, Website
Aaron Schoenberger

“We are at a pivotal point in time where artificial intelligence is starting to take over all facets of everyday life, and we see a future where humans and computers work together as a team to solve problems,” stated Aaron Schoenberger, Founder and CEO of Soteria Intelligence.

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The new solutions announced solve many of the problems organizations have faced in the past when analyzing social media, and are ideal for spotting brand reputation issues on the horizon, cultivating insights for advertising campaigns or product development, and monitoring social media to understand conversations and sentiment after the fact.

Soteria Intelligence’s revamped website was created to not only showcase the company’s products and services, but also take something as complex as artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, and bring it down to earth via compelling, educational illustrations.

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