Anyword, formerly known as Keywee, is the world’s first Language Optimization Platform that helps marketers easily optimize the words that they use, introduces a new technology that leverages AI and natural language processing to generate and optimize performance-driven marketing text that delivers business results across websites, social channels, email, and ads.

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Recently, Keywee changed its company name to Anyword to better encapsulate the company’s mission of bringing true value to any word that marketers use. Text generated by Anyword is composed with the help of sophisticated AI technology that chooses words with a proven track record of helping marketers meet their KPI goals. With this laser-like focus on its customers’ success, Anyword offers real results and performance to a wide range of marketing professionals.

In an age when AI can now automate text generation, Anyword’s platform helps marketers create data-driven, high-performing copy, and is able to sort and evaluate both AI and human-generated text to provide marketers with messages that are perfectly tailored to resonate with their target audiences. In doing so, Anyword not only enhances marketers’ most prized asset — their creativity — but it does so while equipping them with solutions that help them stay on top in an ever-increasingly competitive landscape.

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Anyword’s AI-generated text is coupled with an intuitive scoring system that ranks copy variations, predicting results so that marketers can measure performance prior to launching a campaign and avoid costly and time-consuming A/B tests. With predictive performance, marketers know, in advance, how well text will perform with each audience.

“We are taking the guesswork out of marketing copy, providing marketers with reliable predictive performance scores so they have a clear idea of how language will resonate with their audience,” says Inbar Yagur, VP of Marketing at Anyword. “We empower marketers with language that works.”

Additionally, Anyword has filters that generate tailored language for specific audiences based on gender, age, etc., tailored to multiple channels from email to web, and optimized for each platform (Facebook, Outbrain, Google, etc.). This maximizes each message’s full performance potential. Anyword has powered language generation and optimization, driving increases as high as 30% in conversion, retention and engagement rates.

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