BrightFunnel Announces New Revenue Attribution Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers

BrightFunnel, the pioneer in Revenue Intelligence for B2B marketers, announced their new integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Through the integration between BrightFunnel’s Revenue Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enterprise marketing teams can optimize the full customer journey by analyzing how marketing investments impact the business. BrightFunnel’s advanced offerings provide deep insight into marketing program performance, aligns sales and marketing, and optimizes marketing execution.

Chris Mann
Chris Mann

“I’m thrilled to announce BrightFunnel’s new integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM,” said Chris Mann, BrightFunnel CEO. “We speak to more and more marketers that run their enterprise on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and we are excited to deliver advanced marketing attribution capabilities that align the organization and deliver insights into the customer journey.”

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Insight Into What Marketing Investments Lead to Revenue

Connecting marketing investments to revenue has historically been a struggle for even the most sophisticated marketers. With the combination of BrightFunnel’s Revenue Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, marketing organizations are armed with insights that accurately measure marketing attribution to pipeline and revenue across every marketing channel, campaign, and initiative.

Optimal Buyer Journey Mapping Across a Variety of Accounts, Personas, and Data Segments

The key to understanding and accelerating revenue is leveraging data to orchestrate the right sales and marketing touches at the right time in the customer journey. By measuring how different audiences respond to different messages and campaigns, marketers can better track and execute on the optimal buyer journey.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers will now be able to leverage BrightFunnel’s advanced global filtering capabilities, machine learning, and account-based functionality to better optimize and accelerate the buyer journey.

Smarter Optimization of Marketing Budgets and Program ROI

The CEO and CFO are now asking marketers to show ROI for their marketing programs. With BrightFunnel, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers can better optimize and plan marketing budgets quarter-over-quarter.

Because BrightFunnel provides analytics around what programs impact the business, marketing can partner with the CFO and VP of Sales for smarter revenue planning and forecasting.

BrightFunnel’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is currently in private beta.

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