Megaputer Shows Knowledge Management Professionals How to Leverage NLP Better for Trend Analysis at the 2021 Text Analytics Forum

Megaputer Intelligence, Inc., a leading data and text analytics solution provider, shared novel text analysis use cases that help to uncover hard-to-find key trends during the KMWorld Connect 2021 Text Analytics Forum.

Dr. Sergei Ananyan, CEO of Megaputer Intelligence, Inc., presented a session (TAF203) entitled, “Text Analytics Use Cases: Early Detection of Emerging Trends” today at 2:00 PM EST. The Text Analytics Forum hosted the virtual presentation as part of its comprehensive programming, running from Nov 15-18.

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Attendees included professionals such as knowledge management directors, content strategists, taxonomists, information architects, fintech managers, and competitive intelligence analysts. The presentation provided audience members with details about multiple uses cases involving clients in healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and finance.

One major point that Dr. Ananyan stressed during his presentation was that a fundamental obstacle for emerging issue detection is that it requires processing huge amounts of text data to identify previously unknown trends. He further described how frequently the emerging issue reveals itself as a weak signal amongst the background noise of already known issues or trends, making it difficult to detect. The session included a walk-through of the technological foundation and methodology needed for deploying a solution using text analysis. And a live demonstration showcased Megaputer’s solution for automating the discovery of emerging trends and issues. Both the analytical model and a dashboard of data visualizations were used to illustrate how the system brings those hard-to-find insights to the surface.

Dr. Ananyan will also participate as a panelist at the “Ask the Experts” session (TAF305) beginning at 4:00 PM EST.

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