Memberful Announces Keynote Participation at 2022 TravelCon

Memberful’s Strategic Partners Lead, and CEO of El Camino Travel have partnered to deliver the keynote.

Memberful, a membership software that helps creators, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and educators create sustainable businesses, announced its keynote participation in this year’s TravelCon being held in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Memberful has selected current customer and CEO of El Camino Travel, Katalina Mayorga, and Jen Matichuk, Strategic Partners Lead at Memberful to deliver Memberful’s keynote address. Together, Katalina Mayorga and Jen Matichuk will deliver first-hand insight into the power of membership.

The keynote will delve into the ways membership can help creators establish a genuine connection with their audience while monetizing their passion. Matichuk, who has been helping entrepreneurs launch membership programs for over two years, will show travel content creators how to improve their quality of life by implementing membership as a revenue stream. The audience will learn of the symbiotic relationship between Memberful and the travel industry and how the software enables creators to form authentic relationships while sustaining their passion for travel.

“So many travel creators exchange their time for money, unaware of the resource that membership can be in their lifestyle. I’m eager to show them how to utilize Memberful to take control and ownership of their content,” said Jen Matichuk, Strategic Partnerships Lead at Memberful.

Memberful is excited to offer globetrotting professionals the opportunity to acclimate to the current state of the travel media landscape with its best-in-class software. As TravelCon is the conference to improve one’s craft while learning about the latest advances in travel media, Katalina Mayorga and Jen Matichuk are enthusiastic about providing travel creators with a resource they will be pleased to embrace.

Memberful has been featured on Tech Crunch, JumpStart Magazine, The Verge, and more.

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