Pug Force – A Promising NFT Project Announces Itself In Style

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have no doubt taken the world by storm. In the past year or so, they have massively grown in popularity. NFTs are unique and hold much value. This is because the NFT market is exploding.

Pug Force is here to get in on the action, as it announces its platform to the world. The project comes with much promise. Along with a visionary leader, the project also consists of skilled and experienced individuals. Pug Force comes with a strong story and an even stronger roadmap.

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OpenSea – the largest marketplace for NFTs

According to Dune Analytics, OpenSea — the largest marketplace for NFTs, has recorded a $3.4 billion transaction volume on Ethereum. Set in August, this remarkable number was more than 10 times the number set in July.

While there are many NFT projects present in the crypto world, it is a few distinct characteristics that make some outshine others. For instance, the most important factors for a promising project, arguably include four factors. To name them — the creators of the project, the size of the audience, the utility of the NFT, and constant branding after launch.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs was one such project that took to the moon. These NFTs are selling for millions. To emphasize, a set of 107 NFTs of these cartoon apes sold for $24.4 million at an online Sotheby’s auction house sale.

Pug Force Launching Timeline

Pug Force will launch on October 13, 2021. The leader of this project goes by General Pug. The rest of the leading team includes an art director, a game developer, and a graphic designer. Together, the team has a lot of experience in successful marketing techniques. They are also quite knowledgeable on all things crypto, blockchain, and NFTs.

Likewise, they own over 20 marketing companies across five countries and are running over $100 million marketing campaigns. In fact, they have developed games from scratch and are known to be prominent innovators.

However, the most important fact here lies in their ability to build a community. So far, they have built communities consisting of millions of members in varying markets. The team also has access to a large sum of capital.

Together with the right resources, knowledge, and team, Pug Force is set to market its brand, launch Pug Fellas, and develop the Pug Force game. They are already set to support the floor price of Pug Force NFTs on OpenSea and intend to create value for their NFT holders.

Unlike other projects that have promised the moon, simply to take off with no warning — Pug Force is here to stay. The project has already begun to build its brand. With a captivating origin story, their discord and telegram channels have already caught the support of thousands of interested investors.

Next, the project aims to facilitate multiple projects that can interact with one another. This will ultimately contribute to setting up a huge game release. Here is when the NFT’s utility will finally come into play. General Pug believes that this utility will be a significant game-changer for NFTs.

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