Sympli Adds Design Systems Support, Making It Possible for Designers and Developers to Easily and Intuitively Collaborate

Sympli, a suite of design collaboration and handoff tools, today unveiled support for design systems in Sympli Handoff. With design systems, it’s possible to add information about design tokens  – colors, text styles, fonts, spaces, and sizes that designers hand over to developers – into Sympli Handoff so that developer and design teams can save time, scale their design decisions, and communicate better.

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With design systems support, teams can streamline design collaboration, delivery and consistency, and reduce ambiguity between design and engineering. Teams can improve communication and deliver design decisions in the same terms between design and engineering, at scale, using component names and design tokens.

With Sympli Handoff, developer and design teams can save time, scale their design decisions, and communicate better.

“We are creating new ways for designers and developers to speak the same language, so they can bring their ideas to life in new and powerful ways,” said Max Ignatyev, founder and CTO of Sympli. “With simple and intuitive tools, teams will be able to speed up and improve their processes, so they can focus on continued growth.”

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Design systems support in Sympli Handoff comes with:

  1. Size and spaces tokens to define dimensions and layout variables in a uniform way across projects
  2. Color tokens to provide details about background, highlights, and colors
  3. Text styles to communicate typography details like font family, style, and size      
  4. Automated tokens export from Sketch and Figma using the Sympli Handoff plugins
  5. An option to manually tweak token data in Sympli Handoff web app to provide ultimate flexibility

Sympli Handoff support of design systems is available immediately. Current users will have access as soon as projects are synced.

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