BBTV Showcases Direct Advertising Branded Entertainment Achievements

BBTV Holdings Inc., a media tech company that uses technology-enabled solutions to help content owners become more successful, is sharing the following recent Direct Advertising Branded Entertainment highlights and achievements as part of its Plus Solutions:

  • BBTV has secured a number of paid direct advertising branded entertainment campaigns across consumer verticals including gaming, entertainment, fashion and food, for brands including: Veritone, Garena, Barnes and Noble, The RealReal, AMC Shudder, ThriveMarket, Hybe, and
  • BBTV executed it’s ninth branded entertainment campaign with its content owner Double Toasted (Korey Coleman) running a branded entertainment advertisement by AMC Shudder. These campaigns endorse the streaming platform through a series of entertaining branded advertisement videos.
  • It is forecast that the global spending power of millennials shall reach approximately $15 trillion by 20221. Brands and Marketers are able to target millennials, through BBTV’s global scale and engaged audience. BBTV’s network generates 471 billion advertising views, Sept’20, LTM across all genres.

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Direct Advertising Sales is a key pillar of BBTV’s high margin Plus Solutions, and Branded Entertainment campaigns are a category of direct sales efforts. Branded Entertainment campaigns are a form of advertisement where the ad is the video that is being deployed across BBTV’s channels. BBTV’s margins for this ‘Plus Solution’ are more than four times greater than Base Solutions and platform fees do not apply. BBTV’s Plus Solutions revenue represents approximately 10% of the company’s revenue, Sept’20, LTM and increased 27% from July to September during Q3, 2020 and Direct Advertising, in particular, growing 55% from July to September. Additionally, BBTV is entering its seasonal high revenue period, Q4.

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In fiscal Q3 2020, BBTV saw a tailwind lift in ad spending across key sectors including consumer packaged goods, insurance, consumer electronics, entertainment, streaming media services, and direct to consumer e-commerce companies. The company also saw the beginnings of an auto resurgence as cars are seen as a safer way to get around.

“Branded Entertainment is an incredibly powerful medium for marketers looking to engage and target their key demographic in an authentic way leveraging our reach and targeted audiences while ensuring the ads are contextually relevant. We have built a suite of complete end to end solutions to ensure advertisers reach their audience and maximize their sales efforts,” comments Shahrzad Rafati, Chairperson and CEO, BBTV. “Migrating content owners from BBTV’s Base to higher margin Plus solutions not only allows them to connect with their fans, but it significantly increases the monetization opportunities for our partners and BBTV.”

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