Friendable Surpasses Operational and Growth Milestones, Providing Shareholders with a 2021 Year in Review Update and 2022 Strategy for Artist, Services and Revenue Growth

The Fan Pass Live artist platform moves to expand its service offerings to include various forms of music distribution and indie artist tools

Friendable Inc., a mobile technology and marketing company, is pleased to provide a summary of several key milestones and achievements made by the Company in 2021.

The Fan Pass Livestream platform was released on July 24, 2020, with a total of 16 music artists who signed on to the platform and performed live for the Company’s launch event.

Following its successful launch, the Fan Pass team used its initial release to garner feedback from artists, the music industry, managers, booking agents, venues, promoters, and other influential relationships close to their team. This feedback was instrumental in iterating the platform with updates, new features and eventually an entirely new version 2.0, which was successfully released 1 year following the “Proof of Concept” release of version 1.0.

“Before listing our milestone achievements for 2021, it’s important to our entire team that we first thank our artists, their fans, our partners, supporters, team, and shareholders. We would not be here without each and every one of you pulling for us and the progress certainly shows we are on the correct path,” said Robert A. Rositano, Jr., Friendable, Inc. CEO.

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Timeline & Milestones Achieved by the Company:

April 2020 – Announcement of Fan Pass Live official release date

May 2020 – Completion of Fan Pass Live iOS and Android beta testing

June 2020 – Submission of Fan Pass Live app for approval & app is approved

July 2020 – Launch of Fan Pass Live platform with 16 artists from various venues across the US, viewed from over 70 countries

August 2020 – 50+ total artists milestone on Fan Pass platform

September 2020 – Announcement of mobile live-streaming feature beta testing on Fan Pass app

October 2020 – Release of mobile livestream feature on Fan Pass app; 450+ total artists milestone

November 2020 – Fan Pass signs artist Remy Boy Monty

December 2020 – Launch of internal marketing campaign aimed to immediately compensate artists – Contest kick off – Money in artists’ pockets

January 2021 – Testing rollout of Fan Pass Pro Services; 700+ total artists milestone

February 2021 – Single month artists signup record with +350% growth over the last month & 100% growth in live streamed events

March 2021 – Retention of Sheppard Mullen as lead counsel for all Fan Pass music, entertainment, technology, and advertising initiatives

April 2021 – 2500+ total artists milestone & 1200% increase in live artist channels over previous month

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Proof of Concept Complete

May 2021 – Announcement of v2 Fan Pass Live platform release date

June 2021 – 4000+ total artists milestone

July 2021 – V2 of Fan Pass platform (mobile & web app) release; 5000+ total artists milestone; new corporate presentation

August 2021 – Test launch of ‘Artist Pro’ service offering, website rebranding, re-vamped shopping experience & artist/fan video trailers

September 2021 – Rollout of full-scale paid media for artists, fans, and public company awareness

October 2021 – Addition of Lobeline PR Agency – Begin rollout of full-scale paid media for artists, fans, and public company awareness

November 2021 – Begin artist affiliate program with ShamirMuzik, affiliate artist of Warner Bros. Entertainment

December 2021 – Material agreement is signed and entered into for the Acquisition of Artist Republik, which includes artists, music distribution technology & services alongside various other offerings to be added to Fan Pass Live. More artists and existing service revenues coming from current music distribution, playlisting, and more.

“This is an exciting time for our Company and specifically our Fan Pass Live artist platform. We believe these most recent milestone achievements have validated our approach to becoming a true artist partner, listening, testing, supporting, and executing on everything we set out to accomplish, one goal at a time and now it’s time to monetize as we build scale. It feels like our offering has now caught up with the artists’ specific needs, requests, and desires. We now have the credibility, making 2022 the perfect opportunity for scaling revenues, number of artists, and fan subscribers on the platform. Stay tuned for some exciting service offering announcements as we expand into various channels of music distribution and discuss all there is to know about Artist Republik and our integration path,” concluded Rositano Jr., CEO.

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