ANOMUS, Set to End Fake News, Launches on Starter Incubator

Decentralized News Protocol, ANOMUS plans to rectify the media landscape to end news manipulation, corruption and censorship

Multi-chain community-driven launchpad Starter , announced it will host the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of ANOMUS, the 100 percent decentralized news protocol providing the public with access to transparent and fairly distributed news worldwide.

ANOMUS sets out to remedy fake news, which has often distorted reality and divided society creating turmoil and conflict. It aims to dismantle the suppression of speech and blacklisted topics encountered by communities around the world. As a blockchain protocol, every published content piece will be tamper proof and minted as an NFT on the blockchain.

“In our ever-increasing digital world, more and more individuals are capturing their news online, where information flows 24/7 and can be quickly accessed and looked up. However, only recently has the media adopted the practice to fact-check sources and tidbits of information,” said Lionel Iruk, Special Counsel at Starter. “ANOMUS Protocol will be the blockchain antidote to fake news, available to fact-check and report news globally and ad-free without executive oversight culminating in community governance to deliver legitimate and accurate news.”

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In the initial phase, anyone will be able to become a content creator, by staking the ANOMUS token. Each approved article will become a minted NFT and will increase the reputation of the writer as a trusted source.

For auditors, the initial voting reputation will also be predefined by staked amount, however, each content audit will be rewarded. Auditors can also increase their reputation by initializing fake news voting, by completing fact-challenges within the protocol and by suggesting edits to make the ecosystem more informative and by adding opposing views or an opinion to maintain a neutral balance.

Those consuming the news have the option to reward publishers for their contributions using the ANOMUS token or by liking and commenting on the published content. Readers will have the chance to earn ANOMUS tokens by reading and engaging with the ecosystem.

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Additional incentive programs will reward content creators and auditors to validate stories and challenge misinformation. Stored on IFPS and Web 3.0 compatible, ANOMUS will be easily accessible by anyone in any part of the world and cannot be restricted by a government entity. The native token will create shared community ownership of the platform, in turn creating a diverse, multifaceted governance and self-sustaining system that will encourage member participation.

During the Initial Dex Announcement (IDO), 40,000,000 $ANOM tokens will be made available for purchase at $0.003 USD. Users taking the governance token will be able to participate in platform improvements to receive ANOMUS rewards and will have the opportunity to vote for protocol changes in the future.

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