Bundlr Licenses Credder’s Content Credibility Database To Ensure High-Quality Content For Its Community

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Bundlr, A New Platform For Curating Creator Content, Is Now Using Credder’s Database To Ensure High-Quality Content For Its Community

Credder Inc, a leading software platform for providing content credibility data to customers to grow brand trust, create a more trustworthy user experience, and increase brand safety advertising revenue, has licensed its Content Credibility Database™ to Bundlr , a platform built for bundling newsletter and podcast content, focused on individual and community content curation and discovery.

Thomas Benham, Founder of Bundlr says, “Our information ecosystem is optimized for attention and conflict, not connection and discussion. Our goal is to help people curate the content they want to see and for people to commune around common interests and topics. Credder will help our community make more informed decisions about the content they consume. So we’re excited to partner with Credder’s Content Credibility Database, and further empower our community to assess what is credible and relevant content.”

Bundlr will be released to a wider community this August via the App Store and Google Play and expects to integrate the Credder API and data this fall.

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Credder provides access to its Content Credibility Database to customers through its seamless Enterprise API, which can easily be implemented in a matter of hours. Credibility scores and rankings for content, authors, and news websites are updated in real-time through crowdsourced reviews from verified journalists and the general public, and provided to customers as an annual license to help grow brand trust and increase brand safety advertising revenue.

Chase Palmieri, CEO of Credder Inc. states, “Bundlr is a unique and important new platform that aims to change the way we engage with, discover, and help others discover valuable information at a time when content curation has become more critical than ever. We are thrilled to have Bundlr as a valued Content Credibility Database customer.”

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