Cloudwords Grows Enterprise Investment in Global Marketing Content by 112%; Surpasses 2 Billion Global Marketing Translated Segments

Company Outlines Strong Global Growth; Signals Rapid Adoption of Global Localization Automation

Cloudwords Inc., the leading Marketing Globalization Platform, announced recently that the company has seen an increase of 112% in global marketing project value managed through its platform. The impressive increase stems from its ability to directly increase the speed and amount of revenue realized by its global enterprise customers. In addition, Cloudwords also announced that it has surpassed the 2 billion segment mark in the Cloudwords translation memory database – a key element in helping global marketing teams significantly lower their cost of core localization activities, which ultimately results in the formation of stronger relationships with customers and partners – in any language.

Michael Meinhardt, Founder, and CEO, Cloudwords
Michael Meinhardt

“The costs facing enterprises that want to enter new global markets have historically been prohibitively high. Global marketing teams spend millions of dollars annually in an effort to drive new revenue opportunities. Meanwhile, their lack of true visibility into new markets coupled with the speed at which they are able to operate means they are only able to capture a fraction of their true addressable market. Leveraging the Cloudwords platform for global marketing business processes allows our customers to realize global revenue opportunities faster, period,” said Michael Meinhardt, founder and CEO at Cloudwords.

“At the end of 2017, Cloudwords active monthly user growth had improved by 337%, and our 2 billion translated segments were valued at approximately $250 million. These growth metrics give us great confidence that our customers are seeing very real, demonstrable ROI and value in their relationship with Cloudwords,” added Meinhardt.

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Cloudwords’ Marketing Globalization Platform uses patented SaaS software to help global marketing teams reach new customers faster, collaborate with their globally distributed teams and automate their global marketing business processes.

During 2017, Cloudwords transformed its core platform and adopted Amazon Web Services, providing customers and an extensive community of 500+ language service providers unlimited scale, security and performance.

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Cloudwords Grows Enterprise Investment in Global Marketing Content by 112%; Surpasses 2 Billion Global Marketing Translated Segments
Ashish Agrawal

“We executed against a relentless roadmap and released over 100+ features including video transcription and subtitling, support for translating and in-context reviewing of assets created in Adobe Creative Cloud, adaptive neural machine translation, and over 20+ integrations from marketing systems to direct integrations with language service providers. We pushed the envelope to deliver unmatched product innovation, and are thrilled to witness the resulting ROI being delivered to our customers,” said Ashish Agrawal, SVP of Products at Cloudwords.

Leveraging Cloudwords, global marketing teams at some of the world’s leading companies, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, can now automate their global marketing business process and reach their new customers faster.

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