Meta Studio and Polygon Studios Are Partnering up to Build the Decentralized Business Metaverse for Content Creators


Meta Studio announces collaboration with Polygon Studios

Meta Studio and Polygon Studios are developing a game-changing platform that will allow everyone to create and sell content in a decentralized and fun environment.

MetaStudio teams up with Polygon Studios to build the $METAS powered decentralized business metaverse for content creators. This collaboration will allow the fastest growing Digital Market in the last 3 years, the Creators Market, to monetize content while feeling like playing, without potential abuse from Big Tech.

We will ensure that our community of users can make the most of their content work with higher earnings, complete decentralized autonomy, flexibility and fun.”

— Adrian Niculescu, CEO MetaStudio

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Both Meta Studio and Polygon Studios believe in the power of blockchain and decentralization, and their partnering up will result in a long-term sustainable metaverse platform that will be able to boast the highest standards of uptime, reliability and security, while still keeping a low cost for all the users. You can become a content creator, streamer, coach or any kind of freelancer and sell your content in full privacy, retail ownership, receive all the profit and make decisions.

,,Polygon has executed over 3.4 billion transactions since its establishment, and we are confident in their ability to launch our high-quality product. We chose this platform because we also believe in Ethereum as the best-tested medium to build a complex metaverse on, alongside with the speed provided.” said MetaStudio’s CEO, Adrian Niculescu.

$METAS is the Utility Token powering this unique opportunity for both content creators and investors. With the valuable guidance and expertise of Polygon engineers, this Switzerland-based team ensured security and peak functionalities for the METAS holders. The Polygon technology also allows the use of multi-coin wallets, so users can buy or sell with minimal costs.

MetaStudio and Polygon Studios are building a framework for a decentralized community that will allow creators full ownership and more freedom than current web 2.0 and big tech platforms allow. As the metaverse is taking shape as a new medium of expression being embraced more and more by users, brands and freelancers, this new platform will respond to all the main issues in the Creators Market.

The opportunity to join the business bridge for a new generation in between the Web2 to the Web3 which can happen FAST and not in 3 to 5 years. MVP of MetaStudio is expected in the middle of 2023. Follow Meta Studio on social media to get updated about their process and newest releases. If you are a content creators, you can apply as Early Supporter for the MVP.

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