Musubu Releases WordPress Plugin to Automatically Block High Cyber Risk Visitors From Websites

Users of Musubu’s Plugin Can Take Advantage of Proprietary Algorithms That Score Top Threats Around the Clock to Lower Their Risk

Musubu, a leading provider of IP address and network data APIs and applications for cybersecurity professionals and businesses large and small, announced today the general availability of its IP Threat Blocker Plugin for WordPress. The plugin is designed to let website owners and web development firms automatically protect their sites and the sites of their clients from the ever-growing incidence of serious cybercrime, such as Ransomware, Phishing, and Malware by using Musubu’s powerful threat scoring and typing APIs.

Requiring little to no configuration and compatible with any other WordPress plugin being used, the plugin has an “automatic mode” where malicious IPs are blocked as they come in and are checked against the Musubu IP & Network Threat Intelligence APIs.

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“Web developers and site owners should have access to a ‘set it, forget it’ way to block threatening connections to their sites,” says Jason Polancich, CEO of Musubu. “With our plugin, we put what is usually very complex and sophisticated analysis used by cybersecurity pros into the hands of web developers and site builders to lower their cyber risk with just one click – and no cybersecurity knowledge or training needed.”

Once installed and activated with an API key from Musubu, the plugin evaluates connections to the host website and blocks malicious IP addresses. The plugin’s configuration page the shows all blocked connections and why they were blocked. The data shown to the user is simple and easy to understand:

IP Address – The high cyber risk IPV4 address being blocked with “drill-in” for more information.

Threat Score – Numeric threat score between 0-100 that tells users how high-risk the IP is based on Musubu’s scoring algorithms.

Threat Type – The specific, predominant type of threat most associated with the specific blocked IP address, such as Ransomware, TOR, and Bot/Botnet.

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As well, more in-depth information on each blocked IP address is available with a simple click on any IP in the plugin’s block table which takes the user to Musubu’s MusubuApp, a fully-functional IP & Network Threat Intelligence portal that provides network name, ISP, network type, geolocation info, “Watchlisting,” trends data, and much more.

Musubu’s plugin is applicable to any single or multi-site WordPress installation. As well, any small or large business in any industry sector can make use of the plugin immediately to complement other security solutions or as a single, threat-blocking firewall. In particular, the plugin is essential to high-risk industries such as healthcare, financial, legal, eCommerce, and public sector sites.

“Most cyber threats hitting law firms and lawyers circle around or start with their websites and customer portals,” says Jason Bailey, an attorney with Browne House Law and a Musubu customer. “We had no idea what kinds of bad things were probing our site each day and why. Now we instantly block them and that lowers our risk, and most importantly, the risk of our clients.”

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