PeakActivity Announces the Launch of New Headless eCommerce System, RevCommerce

PeakActivity, a digital consulting and implementation company, announced the launch of its new sister company, RevCommerce. While PeakActivity will continue to deliver a wide range of digital solutions for their clients, RevCommerce will focus entirely on its new headless e-commerce product.

Nearly five years in the making, RevCommerce began when a few PeakActivity clients were seeking a better e-commerce experience for their customers. Some had already invested heavily in e-commerce or content management systems, but grew frustrated to learn they had limited options to customize frontends or easily connect into other backend systems.

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“Some clients were looking for custom features or functionality that traditional e-commerce platforms didn’t possess. Others needed a way to easily integrate with their existing databases. So we built an e-commerce platform that did all that and more,” says Manish Hirapara, PeakActivity CEO and RevCommerce Founder.

Built on headless technology, RevCommerce de-couples the front and back end to allow clients to change individual components without disrupting others—saving them time and money. By breaking the e-commerce experience into discrete modules and combining it with native cloud architecture, RevCommerce enables clients to customize, add-on, or optimize existing technologies with unprecedented ease, and at their own pace.

“Anyone selling online today knows the marketplace is intense. Customers demand fast, seamless experiences. A couple of seconds delay in your cart can cost you millions,” says Andy Boyland, RevCommerce CEO.

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RevCommerce offers four native components: a content management system, a product information manager, a digital asset manager, and a cart/checkout feature. By design, clients can use any of these features independently or combine them all into a quadfecta of commerce capabilities. Its headless technology smoothly integrates with any API-based backend database or frontend microservice, giving RevCommerce clients complete flexibility to build on top of existing technologies without having to replace everything at once.

Boyland continues, “Our clients see a real advantage in the flexibility offered by RevCommerce. The ability to make incremental changes smoothly and quickly now or in the future is its most important competitive advantage.”