WebAct Announces Adobe Muse Alternative Website Platform

Adobe Has Announced the End of the Adobe Muse CC Website Platform

Adobe Muse announced the end of their software on March 26th, 2018. This is a nightmare for anyone that has invested time in learning and building websites on the platform. Adobe will still offer support until 2020 but we’ve been advised to start looking at other website platforms as they will stop updating the platform in 2018.

With so many website platforms out now, it’s hard to try them all. Let’s start with the GoDaddy website builder as it’s a very well-known platform. Experts have discovered that while one could build a website in under a minute, the drag and drop features are limited. Another drawback is the limited ability to add custom code. These shortcomings can lead to frustration and a mediocre website. This may not be the solution that you are looking for if you want a website that stands out or would like to include custom code. One has to move on in hopes of finding a platform with more similarities to Adobe Muse CC. That is when we came across the Duda One Platform.

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Duda One is a great solution if you are looking to move to a similar platform. The platform allows you to add your own custom code as well as build your website using devices such as a desktop, tablet, and mobile version. Duda.co allows you to create new widgets within the platform so you can customize your website, similar to the Adobe Muse solution. Most of the Adobe Muse widgets are already included on the Duda One platform so you won’t have to pay extra for a custom contact form or a website slider. Duda is geared towards agencies so for people that used Adobe Muse for building websites for clients, this is a great alternative.

If you are looking for help transitioning to the Duda platform from Adobe Muse head to WebAct.com. Moving to any new platform can be stressful and a big learning experience. WebAct has worked with many different website solutions and is able to answer any questions that you may have before the switch.

WebAct prides itself on creating professional, user-friendly websites that look great, work perfectly, and attract new customers, as well as implementing campaigns that help businesses to grow for years to come.

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