Digital Marketing Company, fishbat, Discusses 4 Ways Brands Can Use IG TV to Build Brand Awareness

As part of their mission to help businesses up their social media game, digital marketing agency fishbat discusses 4 ways brands can use IG TV in order to build brand awareness.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, and usage is especially prevalent in younger demographics. In an effort to compete with YouTube in the arena of long form video content, Instagram has launched IG TV – and it’s an incredibly valuable tool for marketing.

Here are four ways that a company can leverage the power of the platform in order to build brand awareness.

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Create Cost-Effective Video Content. There has been incredible growth in media-centric advertising over the past few years, and with IG TV being a video-focused platform, it makes sense that it would be an excellent opportunity for a company to promote their brand. IG TV offers a simple way to upload video from a mobile phone, and creating valuable content can be as simple as picking up a smartphone and filming interesting content. Consider giving customers a quick behind-the-scenes look at the company, or put a face behind the brand for a more personal experience. IG TV can be increasingly cost-effective if a marketing team takes the opportunity to get a little creative.

Prioritize Mobile-Optimized Content. One advantage that IG TV does have over services like YouTube is the fact that it’s designed with mobile viewing in mind. Content is viewed in portrait mode, which makes content much more accessible to those browsing on a phone. With more and more people using their phones as their primary way to get online, simply staying active on the service and making videos easy to view can help most any brand starts to build a following within their specific niche.

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Partner with Influencers. While it’s not usually feasible to partner with a celebrity on brand promotion, Instagram is filled with influencers with thousands of followers that hang on their every word. These social media stars are business people themselves, and many have recognized the potential that IG TV has to offer their own brand. A company that partners with an influencer that already has a significant following on Instagram can often see a huge return on their investment in the same way that a partnership on Instagram itself would offer.

Get in On the Ground Floor. One of the easiest ways to promote a brand through IG TV is to take advantage of the hype surrounding a brand-new service. IG TV has only been public for a couple of months at this point, and there’s no telling how much of a staple it will become in the social media scene. While it’s rather unlikely that it would ever beat YouTube at its own game, it’s a quickly growing platform with more and more users each day. Getting in on the ground floor, especially if the company starts creating content ahead of their competitors, may honestly be enough to kickstart an IG TV following that can propel a company forward.

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