Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Shares 3 Ways to Improve Your Business Website

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As part of their commitment to helping companies put their best foot forward, internet marketing company, fishbat, shares the 3 main ways to improve your business website.

With how central the internet has become to the consumer’s daily life, any company that isn’t taking full advantage of the opportunities that digital marketing has to offer are missing out. There are all sorts of ways to promote a company online, but the most important is a well-crafted business website.

Listed below are 3 major ways that businesses can take a step forward and increase revenue through an effective online site.

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Tailor Content Towards Search Engines. While some customers might happen to come across a company’s website by directly heading to the URL or through an email or social media marketing campaign, the vast majority of most websites’ traffic is coming through search engines like Google. In these cases, customers likely aren’t searching for a specific company – instead using terms related to the subject matter that they’re looking for.

The biggest part of keeping a company’s online presence relevant is ranking well in Google searches, and the main way that is handled is through optimizing website content to be more attractive to Google’s algorithms. Aspects like proper keyword density don’t take very much effort to nail down once you understand the basics, and some simple changes to website content can bring a webpage to the top – allowing businesses to enjoy massively increased traffic.

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Prioritize Conversion Rates. Having the most beautiful website in the world doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t create any more business. In an internet age where the majority of traffic is funneled through search engines, it’s important that websites be fine-tuned in order to drive the customer to action. A big part of getting traffic to a site is proper search engine optimization, but conversion rate optimization is just as important. Take a look at website analytics and figure out opportunities for improvement. Sometimes something as simple as moving a link around or changing the position of text on a page can have a huge impact when it comes to increasing engagement.

Optimize For Mobile. One aspect of running a website that many companies don’t think about is how the pages will look on different devices. A beautiful homepage could look amazing on desktop, but if it isn’t easily navigable on mobile, that company is going to be missing out on a significant amount of traffic. These days, websites are seeing traffic from mobile devices that rivals or exceeds that of Mac or PC, so there’s no excuse for having a page that doesn’t perform well on a smartphone or tablet.

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