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New White Paper Details How Storytelling Through Content Marketing Positively Impacts Marketing ROI

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ContentWriters‘ latest study details how to incorporate storytelling into a dynamic marketing strategy that yields huge returns on investment.

The white paper is the latest in a series of releases from ContentWriters that leverages their position as experts in the field of content marketing in order to educate marketers and business owners.

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“The human desire for a great story has been around for ages,” said Francesco Montesanto, Director of Marketing, ContentWriters. “Whether in print or digital, people have and always will crave great stories.”

Companies understand that content marketing is the most authentic form of advertising and that consumers react more favorably to content than any other type of marketing. In fact, according to SmartInsights, 20% of businesses feel that content marketing is the single most effective marketing activity that will make the largest commercial impact, which was the highest ranking in the study, surpassing big data and AI.

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The reason why businesses are increasingly focusing on content marketing is because it is a major catalyst for inbound leads. Content marketing actually offers the user something in return—whether it’s a blog post or an instructional video—for actively engaging with a business.

The white paper goes into great detail as to how a company can incorporate storytelling into their marketing efforts through effective copy, product descriptions, email nurture campaigns, as well as highlighting a comprehensive roadmap.

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