Animoto Showcases Real Estate Brands Embracing Video on Facebook

With Hyper-Local Content, Property Listings and Testimonial Videos, Real Estate Professionals Are Building Their Brands with Video on Facebook

Animoto, the company that makes it easy for anyone to create professional marketing videos, showcased some of their successful real estate customers who are differentiating themselves with video marketing on Facebook.

David Roger Grossmann, a real estate agent based in New York, realized most clients were finding his business via social media. To take advantage of this trend, he created a customer testimonial and paired it with a call to action that led interested clients to a landing page with available listings. He shared the video ad on Facebook and Instagram, and placed $100 ad spend against each platform. David’s video drove traffic to his landing page, and reached 15,704 viewers who were interested in buying, selling, or renting in the local area.

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Hyper-Local Content to Drive Shares

Brothers Commercial Brokerage in Red Bank, NJ has been seeing great success on Facebook by creating hyper-local videos that drive shares and brand reach while underscoring their local expertise. A recent video posted on Facebook recalled Red Bank’s memorable Woolworth store. Tapping into nostalgia and spending just $40 to amplify the success their video was already having organically on Facebook, lead to the brokerage firm earning over 23,000 views, 200 shares, and over 100 likes. This type of video is helping the brokerage build their brand and their credibility through content that isn’t exclusively about the listings they have available.

Property Listing Videos in a Square Format

Kathy Lewis, a Florida-based real estate agent, knew how important it was for her property listings to look professional in a square format. Square videos are optimized for mobile viewing and take up 78 percent more screen space. Kathy’s square video drove nearly 800 views organically. Video has allowed Kathy to expand her reach on Facebook without putting any spend against her ad.

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